Leading Email Clients To Check Out: Spike, Spark, MailBird, Mailspring, Superhuman

Omri Hurwitz

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Communication is vital when it comes to running a successful business. That's why businesses must ensure they have the right technology and software available to their employees for a streamlined workplace.

With the most efficient email platform, you can increase productivity by collaborating on tasks and staying connected and engaged, all from the comfort of your home or office.

These are the 5 leading platform emails for you to consider using in our current digitized world.

1. Spike

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Spike has fast become a dominant player when it comes to communicating in the workplace. With its iMessage feature, you can break away from all email formalities and organize your messages by person or topic in order of importance.

If your day is busy and you don't have time to send lengthy emails, you can record and send your coworkers' voice messages from within your email, note, or group chat. What makes this feature innovative is that the person receiving your voice message does not need to use Spike to listen to your message!

2. Spark

Source: Spark

If you're tired of receiving notifications from spam emails or people you don't know, then Spark is perfect for you! Spark has an intelligent function that only alerts you to emails from people you know.

Additionally, if you are part of a team (e.g. sales or support), you can save time by not sorting through emails and instead sharing an inbox with your team. To take things further, you and your team can collaborate and create emails together in real-time.

3. Mailbird

Source: Mailbird

Mailbird is an email platform enhanced for Windows. Sync your emails from multiple accounts and manage them with your contacts from a centralized inbox. As a Windows user, you can also customize your inbox to a layout that suits your style and how you work.

You don't have to register for several accounts and services to use Mailbird, as it enables you to consolidate all your accounts onto a single platform where you can perform all your tasks. Mailbird integrates with several productivity and social media apps, such as Evernote, Google Calendar, Facebook, and Twitter.

4. Mailspring

Source: Mailspring

Mailspring is an advanced email platform that can translate English messages into 9 different languages, even while you're in draft mode! You can also receive emails in other languages and have them translated into English once they're in your inbox.

A striking feature on Mailspring includes a signature editor. Use the signature editor to create a custom email signature with images and links to social media profiles.

5. Superhuman

Source: Superhuman

Superhuman was designed with one thing in mind: speed. Not only can you send emails quickly, but with all the focus placed on the more minor details, you can get through your work day quicker and increase your productivity.

Features that will make you get through your work faster and more efficiently include:

· Keyboard shortcuts

· Email templates

· Automated follow-ups

· Schedule emails to be sent


To keep up with the modern world of technology and automation, you must ensure your workplace has all the essentials needed to stay connected. By using an email platform that enhances your work day and increases productivity, you can work from any location and never miss an important email or task again!

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