Exclusive Interview with Roee Lichtenfeld, CEO & Founder of Truvid

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I recently caught up with Truvid, a sophisticated video SAAS platform for publishers, to see exactly what they’re doing, and mainly discover why there’s an infinite buzz around them in the Publisher groups and communities.

Nowadays, when you think of video advertising or video content, big names like YouTube or DailyMotion come to mind.
Unlike the competition, Truvid’s strategy is to empower Publishers. How & more importantly Why do they do that?

The Why is simple. The cycle is clear: Professional and engaging video content, leads to an increase in audience consumption on a site, resulting in an increase in revenues, circling back to Advertisers spending more money to deliver professional content to the end-user.

To answer the How, I caught up with Roee Lichtenfeld, CEO & Founder of Truvid who gave me a brief rundown of the Truvid Marketplace.

Q: In short - what is the Truvid Marketplace?

We are an online video advertising ecosystem. Think of it as a one-stop-shop to onboard, manage and monetize your website content.
It’s fast, easy, and removes the entire question of “how” while allowing the partners in the ecosystem to focus on what they do best while growing their business.

Q: What’s the added value of a marketplace for Publishers?

The marketplace was built in order to empower Publishers and content creators and their assets.
For example, one of the most unique features in the platform that you won’t find anywhere else is what we call a “universal tag”. Nowadays, Editors spend crucial time and resources constantly updating content on different pages within their site. Through our universal tag, Editors can seamlessly integrate and manage content on their site through a specific URL. They can actually connect a piece of content with an article URL in the right place inside of the console.

Q: Does a publisher need to have their own videos to connect, or do you provide them with videos?

We cater to both - either Publishers who have their own videos, or they’re videoless and we provide them with full access to our video library. Our marketplace allows for easy and quick integration from the get-go.

Q: So tell me: with all these special capabilities, how much does it cost for a partner to join?

That’s a good question. Normally, a partner that wants to gain access to video will have several high costs to cover such as: paying a video player servers, CDN and unless he has his own content, he’ll also need to pay for video content he uses. That obviously doesn’t include the manpower and time spent on getting all the services up and running.
As you can see, the list is endless and tallies up to quite a bit.
At Truvid - our partners get access to all the technology and content and don’t pay a single cent. Our business model is built around splitting the revenues we earn from our Advertisers with our Publishers meaning that from the first impression, the first time a video is played on your site - we pay.

Q: How techy do Publishers need to be when joining?

No tech experience needed. Your grandma can work her way around the system.
We really wanted to eliminate any tech issues that Publishers might face when onboarding, and made the system and technology really easy and simple to use.
If someone who is less tech-savvy comes on board, we’ve got an amazing team on hand to help them get started. Our team monitors all of our partners' activity and is based around the globe to offer assistance at any time.

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