Canadian Israeli Company Announces Major Breakthroughs in CBD and Liposomes

Omri Hurwitz

Backed by their latest breakthroughs, Innocan Pharma is set to become a leader in the CBD-pharmaceutical Industry.

CBD is becoming a key component in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical technology. In recent months, there have been several major transactions in the CBD pharmaceutical field, such as the acquisition of GW Pharmaceutical by Jazz Pharmaceutical for roughly $7B.

The therapeutic benefits of CBD are well known, and CBD users have reported major relief in several diseases. CBD is widely considered to be a very promising substance that will have a positive influence on the treatment of several illnesses in the future.

Despite the major advancements in the field, CBD treatments are facing a major roadblock. CBD breaks down very quickly in the body and shows low and variable oral bioavailability thus reducing CBD therapeutic effects for treating diseases in which CBD has the potential to be therapeutically effective such as pain, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis epilepsy, and many other diseases.

Innocan’s Unique Solution

By administering CBD encapsulated in liposomes (the LPT platform), Innocan seeks to construct long-lasting significant levels of CBD in the body, which Innocan believes will create a far more effective and continuous therapeutic effects.

In 2021, Innocan carried out a series of experiments of its LPT platform on animals. These experiments have demonstrated initial positive results, validating the viability of Innocan’s plan to make CBD available to humans and animals for an extended period. The Company’s latest study showed that CBD encapsulated in liposomes can be detected in sufficient quantities for up to 6 weeks following a single administration, whereas CBD administered either orally or parenterally had rapidly degraded after just a few hours.

Iris Bincovich, Innocan Pharma’s CEO commented, “We have set a goal of conducting as many studies in this field as possible in 2022, which we expect to publish in as soon as we have been granted patent protection for our technology by the authorities.”

Multiple Paths to Commercialization

These groundbreaking initial results, which to Innocan’s knowledge, have not been achieved by anyone else, have encouraged the Company to proceed with increased staffing and establishing its own facility to ensure rapid progress. Innocan believes that such moves are essential for the future as the Company plans to commence human trials as soon as possible. Innocan is now working to ensure the upscaling of capabilities that will allow the Company to manufacture CBD-loaded liposomes in larger quantities, representing an additional step towards commercial production.

Importantly, while Innocan’s research was initially aimed at the use of the LPT platform in humans, a new aspect has recently emerged in terms of its applications for veterinary medicine. Iris Bincovich added, “In our experiments with dogs, we noticed initial promising results in the treatment of various diseases. We plan to pursue a path of commercialization for the veterinary market. The "global veterinary medicine market size was estimated at USD $29.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4% from 2021 to 2028" (Published in GVR Grand View Research on Jan 2021). While we will be required to conduct a full veterinary regulatory process, including larger animal studies, these regulations are thought to be similar to the regulations applicable to humans. Therefore, there is potential that they will offer a faster track to commercialization. Innocan believes these studies will assist in, and accelerate, the development of human drug products. Anyone who has ever tried providing a cat or dog with medical treatment knows how difficult it can often be. A one-month long-lasting medication, possible by the LPT platform, would be a major innovation for both animals and humans.”

In parallel to the establishment of a lab and the progress with the LPT program, InnoCan is conducting animal studies related to several aspects of the LPT which may later provide supportive data when moving to human clinical trial preparations.

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