Fintech Companies To Pay Attention To: Nipendo, Crymbo, Sorbet, PensionBee, Ovamba Solutions

Omri Hurwitz

The fintech industry is booming, and there are a lot of startups that need to be on your radar. In today's fintech environment, you need to pay attention to who the main players are going to be in order to benefit from their services. Here are 5 fintech companies that you should follow!


Nipendo, with who I collaborate, has been revolutionizing the way enterprises conduct and manage procurement, supply chain, and finance processes for over a decade, with a cloud-based RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform for Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process automation.

The platform streamlines and simplifies interactions between enterprises (buyers) and their suppliers across all spend categories of goods and services and all supplier types and sizes. Using RPA, Machine Learning, and AI technologies, the platform makes P2P processes touch-free and error-free and provides process governance, compliance management and enforcement, audit and validation, dispute resolution, and discrepancy management.
Eyal Rosenberg, Co-Founder & CEO, NipendoSource: Nipendo


While a growing number of mainstream financial companies are interested in taking part in future finance to widen their portfolios with innovative blockchain products and services, they encounter the main blockers that create a gap. This gap starts with the knowledge barrier through the technology, liquidity, and regulatory complexities.

Crymbo, with who I collaborate, enables the mainstream financial companies to offer digital assets and Blockchain-based products as part of their portfolio by lowering the entry barriers existing in the industry today.

Crymbo delivers a next-generation DeFi optimization platform that will integrate the mandatory needs of both, mainstream finance and digital asset markets, under one platform powered by regulated clearing and settlement rails to enable direct access to a wide range of decentralized financial services

Crymbo tackles all necessary aspects, with a simple, easy and secure Interface that enables its customers to become meaningful players in the digital assets marketplace, while shortening the time to market with a simple, easy and secure integration.
Eyal Daskal, FounderCrymbo
Tal Amram, CEOPR


Sorbet is a dream come true for both HR and finance leaders. An amazing way to provide employees with a great benefit that gives them extra cash and improves their wellness while actually saving the company money in the process.

Sorbet re-balances the most broken benefit – Paid Time Off (PTO) – into a win-win. Uniquely able to refinance PTO, they have created a one-of-a-kind benefit that balances work and life while rebalancing the balance sheet at the same time. Their 36(5) approach liquidates unused time to make PTO a perk for employees and employers alike:

Re-balance Employee wellness:

Cultivate a culture of wellbeing and flexibility by proactively suggesting pre-approved breaks while also enabling employees to instantly cash out their time to spend on whatever they like.

Re-balance Company Finances:

Optimize the balance sheet and cash flow by refinancing accrued PTO to control the payback, save costs plus, get up to 4x on tax deductions.

Super-easy to deploy and even easier to manage, their plug & play approach requires no IT overhead and no heavy-lifting. Built by a seasoned team of HR, finance, and tech professionals, Sorbet is the only employee benefit that actually improves financial performance. Pretty sweet.
Veetahl Eilat-Raichel, Co-Founder & CEO, Eilaz Shapira Co-Founder & CPOSource: Sorbet


PensionBee's technology platform makes it easy for customers to combine their pensions into one diversified online plan, so they can take the first step towards financial freedom. They create pension calculators and retirement forecasting tools to help their customers plan ahead, enabling them to build a clearer picture about what they should be contributing. Then, when they reach the age of 55, PensionBee makes it simple for our savers to make on-demand and appropriate withdrawals.

Ovamba Solutions

Ovamba has been an award-winning pioneer of FinTech and TradeTech innovation since 2013 when co-founders Marvin Cole and Viola Llewellyn launched the company from a kitchen table in Maryland, USA. The systems and processes that they and the team in Cameroon, USA, Ivory Coast, and India have created are deeply rooted in a desire to create wealth and a thriving business ecosystem for Emerging Market Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), especially the under-served and unbanked informal businesses for whom traditional finance is not attainable or suitable.

Ovamba's 'TradeTech' and 'Pamoja™ Growth & Performance Systems' are used by partner banks to provide their customers with capital for trade, importation, manufacturing, and business growth on a non-interest bearing (NIB), risk mitigated basis. Ovamba is a Policy support to Central Banks, providing them with data analytics and technology to support policy initiatives that will lead to reduced Non-Performing Loans (NPLs), strengthen capital markets and ensure a safe, inclusive banking system for all.
Viola Llewellyn, President & Co-FounderLinkedIn Profile

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