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Dr. Boaz Barack of Bonart Financial Performance, Zurich, and Dan Dobry, the Chairman of GlobalNet, collaborate for creating Alternative Investment Funds to be accessible as Listed Securities

GlobalNet, a global investment house specializing in alternative investments, announces a partnership with BONART, an advisory and execution wealth management company in Zurich, Switzerland, owned by Dr. Boaz Barack. The two companies are expected to merge later in the year and create alternative investment products for Israeli and international investors trading on the Swiss stock exchange. The strategy is implemented along with a holistic view of financial planning aligned with fulfilling life goals.

The need for accessibility to alternative investment products is a global trend. It has been accelerating, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The yield on bonds has dropped, and the prices of equities are very high. Bond yield has fallen significantly, making alternative investment routes like real estate funds and credit very popular.

In the last two years, deep ties have developed between GlobalNet, with who I collaborate with and BONART FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Ltd, which operates in Switzerland with licenses. The companies will run a forum for issuing alternative products and serving as their asset managers. BONART is a private company founded in 2010 by Dr. Boaz Barack and, over the last few years, has grown exponentially. In the past, Barack was a Member of the Senior Management of the two leading Swiss banks: Credit Suisse and UBS.

Dan Dobry, Chairman of GlobalNet: "Our long-standing acquaintance with Dr. Boaz Barack has enabled us to build investment products with a low correlation to the capital markets. I worked with Boaz since he was Head of Israel at CS and then UBS. Barack was also a senior board member responsible for the Ultra High Net Worth Clients (UHNW) in both banks. We are honored to cooperate with Boaz, and together we plan to revolutionize the investment world for the citizens of Israel. We shall become an international global brand. The investment products from the GDI family, which we make available to the public, will change reality for pension savers and expose many of them to unique solutions"."

Dr. Boaz Barack, CEO and owner of BONART: "I have worked with Dan in the past, and I believe in his vision - to enable more families to achieve life goals. After long and rich careers at the major intersections of the financial world, both of us can now fulfill the entrepreneurial dream: "Change reality, help investors access reliable advice and solutions within creative structures. A few years ago, we could offer such solutions only to clients with tens of millions of dollars available for investments. We are now blessed to influence families' lives and help them achieve long-term goals."

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Ohad Wigman, CEO of GlobalNet: "Together with BONART, we have one of the best financial teams of experts in Israel, which includes senior executives from the world of investments, insurance, and banking. Together we will provide better and more complete solutions to customers. In collaboration with Dr. Barack, we can help families achieve their life goals and live a life of prosperity and security. We are paving the way for tomorrow's professionals in the field of finance so that they can be manufacturers of products and expose their portfolios to international markets."

Some General Info About Alternative Investments

The alternative investment market has been on the rise for quite some time now. The alternative investments are often referred to as alternatives because they are not traditional investments, but rather offer a different kind of income stream that is usually isn't correlated with equity markets. Interest in alternative investments is increasing because of the low yields that are currently being offered by traditional assets such as bonds and cash.

Alternative investments can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. They provide alternative ways to invest without the volatility of stocks and bonds. Here are some alternative investment trends that you should know about:

*alternative investments can include private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate investing, etc.

*alternative investments have become increasingly popular among millennials who tend to invest their money into technology companies that focus on decentralization, like Cryptocurrencies.

*Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are enjoying a lot of popularity because they offer investors the opportunity to invest in real estate without having to actually buy or manage it.

*Private equity investments provide an alternative way for companies that want funding but do not wish to go public on the stock market, which can be challenging and expensive.

*"Cryptocurrencies" such as Bitcoin have become all the rage with retail investors who like their unregulated nature and potential upside gains. They remain very volatile though so any trading should only be done by experienced professionals due to this high level of risk involved when investing in these assets.

*Hedge funds are investment vehicles that invest in relatively liquid assets to earn as much money as possible. They employ various strategies, like long-short equity or market-neutral ones for example, and can be exclusive because only certain people qualify to invest with them - institutions such endowments/pension funds & mutual fund companies among others high net worth individuals (HWI).

*Collectibles are a great way to invest in something that can be both fun and interesting. Some examples of collectible items include rare wines, vintage cars, or even baseball cards! Remember that you need the money upfront because there's no income from these until they're sold off (and if someone buys them) which means high costs for acquisition as well.

An alternative investment is a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect yourself against market fluctuations. By investing in alternative investments you can be prepared for any economic situation.


I am not a finance consultant. Please consult with a licensed financial advisor before investing.

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