Hiring a Media Agency for your Startup

Omri Hurwitz

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Finding the right media partner can be tricky if you're a startup looking for a media agency to help advertise your brand. There are so many agencies that offer different services and rates; it's difficult to know which one is best for you. In this article, we'll discuss how to find a media agency that meets your needs and help promote your brand!

First things first: Workflow structure

Not many people talk about it, but there is a significant effect on media agency workflow structure for the overall customer satisfaction. For example:

*Some agencies are more proactive than others.

*Some agencies communicate Via email, some only work through scheduled weekly meetings.

*Some agencies prefer to keep their clients updated on every detail; some prefer to inform the client only when necessary.

There are many media agency workflow structure options, and the media agency you choose should be a perfect fit for your company and your team's point of contact personality as he will have direct communication with the agency.

Industry expertise

Industry expertise plays a crucial role in media agency selection. This is because media agencies usually provide services across multiple industries, and understanding your business goals can help identify the best media partner to work with.

They must have experience working with startups like yours before (Or similar, we know that what you are doing has never been done before).

Range of services

Every startup has different requirements, so it's essential to find a media agency that can provide services that are tailored to your company's media strategy.

An ideal example would be startups looking for more brand awareness and thought leadership; these companies should look for a media agency specializing in Media Coverage and Public Relations (PR). Similarly, startups who wish to generate leads could find success through PPC or LinkedIn outreach campaigns by an advertising agency specializing in this area.

Chemistry with companies person of contact

You must have great chemistry with the companies person of contact; it can be the CEO, the account manager, the vice president, the director of marketing, or someone else.

You need to be able to connect with them on a personal level. They have to trust you, respect your advice and feel comfortable around you so they can openly ask questions.

You want to hire the right media agency for your startup and who will fit well within your company culture. This way, when it comes to projects or business meetings, everyone at the table will get along perfectly fine.

This makes working together much more productive because people are not bickering over stupid things; they are focused on the job at hand.

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