The Great Bama Upset


Wake up wake up wake up, for those of you that are just getting up to this lovely sunday morning I am sorry to report this sad sad sad news. The great Crimson Tide has been beaten by Texas A&M University yeah I said it and I am sad as well. It all came down to a field goal from the unranked Aggies. "Our team beat a really good football team and that's what's important to me," Fischer said.

In the first quarter Texas A&M's Isaiah Spiller opened the field with the ground game. His first play up to the middle to gain fifteen so you know they was there for business especially being the coach's birthday. The Aggies seem to have had the odds stacked against them coming to game 3-2 and with a struggling quarterback but Calzada stood strong and held on.

Texas A&M started the lead with a long drive down the field to about the 38 yard line to kick a field goal and start the scoring 3-0 Bama must new at this point at least these guys come to play. They take the ball and start there onslaught at 11:00 on the clock. On the first play it was a short throw from Young to the tight end number 11 for a short gain. Young gets under pressure in the next play slips a couple defenders and gets the first down, lets go.He Williams on the sideline with a pass and he runs it in to get the touchdown. You know they number one for a reason, but it ain't over yet its still three quarters left.

A&M comes back and Calzada throws one to 85 Wydermyer for a big gain up the middle with a seam route and picked up 35. They assessed the situation and took to the air again back to 85 in the endzone, yes sir them Aggies came to play today. They must have been trying to make a statement. They went 75 yards in three plays trying to show the Crimson Tide they come to play too so now we know it's going to be a good one. I had to grab another brew at this point cause now it's real real.

The Tide gets the ball and fumbles the ball on a drive and guess what the Aggies recover the ball. Aggies get there first fumble recovery of the year off the Tide. The Aggies answered that with a touchdown drive taking the Aggies 17-7 coming to the end of the 1st quarter. The Crimson Tide comes back with an impressive drive with a couple throws to get them to the goal line. They were right there and then Young throws and interception in the end zone. It was intercepted by Richardson. Caldzana couldn't make anything of the interception though. In the second after an exchange of downs Robinson from Alabama Tide gets a good run in that takes them back towards the goal line again. Young gets overloaded on a blitz play from the Aggies and get sacked so they are forced to kick the field goal at get the three 17-10 at this point and Aggies are still up.

Caldzana and Spiller look like two professional players out. Caldzana despites having just thrown an interception keeps his poise and delivers a nice throw to the sideline to gain 40 yards. Then a lobbed to Spiller who takes it from behind the line to a gain of 12 and another first down. He hand s the ball to Spiller again and he bulldozes through the Crimson Tide defense and gets a touchdown. The Aggies are steady running up the score on The Tide at this point I needed to get my cbd medicine my anxiety was getting the best of me and knowing I just bet my last 100 to a coworker and he ain't going to live it down. 24-10 Aggies way at this point almost the end of the second quarter.

Albabama comes in the third and blocks a punt near the end zone and recover the ball to give them a touchdown. Thank the higher power cause I thought all was lost but wait it's just the third and they still down. 24-17 now but those Aggies ain't done yet, on the punt return its number 6 returning the ball and he catches it and turns on the jets and he runs coast to coast on the Tide like this was high school all over again. 31-17 "somebody tell them to wake up" with more language is what I'm screaming at the tv. Young comes back and throws a long one to Williams for a touchdown taking them to 24 now. By the end of the third Alabama got the ball again the drive to the goal line and get three taking it to 27.

With 8 minutes in the fourth quarter and some great runs from Robinson and Meche get Bama down to the goal line and get another three bringing them within one point of the Aggies everybody at the edge of they seat. Young and Bama gets the ball again and drives down to score another touchdown giving them the lead for the first time in the game 38-31, now I'm cheering crunk thinking that it's over after they are successful with the two point conversion. Them aggies come back with 5 minutes on the clock and make a touchdown drive relentless them Aggies are. Alabama gets the ball back and go four and out to give the Aggies the ball back with 1:00 plus left on the clock and the scored tied 38-38. So I'm praying that the defense hold up or a miracle happen. The Aggies drive down to the their own 28 yard line with 2 seconds on the clock and they kick and the kick is good and my money's gone guess I'm calling off tomorrow think I just lost my taste buds and sense of smell. The Aggies showed they were worthy opponents and ready for what the season brings I know one thing it's going to be an exciting one.

To see If my coworker get paid follow me for the follow up and stay woke.
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