Texas Senate Approves New Congressional Map


As you know Texas districts have grown substantially over the past years. Zones that were once majority black and/or Hispanic have now been zoned down. Texas had gained two new seats in the Texas congressional office but this new map doesn't reflect the growth. The new map is made to protect the incumbents in congress while reducing the number of districts in which Black and Hispanics make up the majority of eligible voters.

Some say the map is a ploy to help the democratic party to stay in control in the congressional house. It's focused more on protecting the incumbents than on growing the power of the dominant Republican party in the state by flipping districts from blue to red. The map that was proposed by state Sen. Joan Huffman of Houston helps Republicans by increasing the number of districts that would have voted for Donald Trump. Yes I said Donald Trump it's like they still think he have a chance to run again for election. Does this government miss Donald, I would think so when he was in office employment rates were at an all time high and the economy was prospering way more.

Now its a race for the vaccines and a quest to appease the big pharmaceutical companies. But that's another story for another time. With this new map it hinders the potential for Democrats to close the gap between the two parties in Texas' congressional delegation by drawing fewer districts in which voters of color, who tend to lean Democratic in the state, make up the majority of eligible voters. The state's delegation consists of 23 Republicans and 13 Democrats.

The states growth added to new seats in congress for the next decade but lawmakers did not draw any new seats where voters of color make up the majority of eligible voters although people of color drove 95% of the states population over the last decade, with Hispanics making up nearly 2 million of the state's 4 million additional residents.

The drafts of the map were taking by the attorney general's office, which did further analysis to ensure the state complied with the Voting Rights Act, which protects voters of color from discrimination, and the U.S. Constitution. But she did not want to explain the analyses that Democratic state lawyers performed on the map. One side believes that they have evidence where the data supports the creation of more districts where voters of color make up the majority.

State Sen. Roland Gutierrez, D-San Antonio, proposed a map adding 3 more districts which are majority Hispanic and would increase the districts to 10, but guess what he got shot down. The republicans said that the proposal amendment had been drafted 24 hours before the Senate's vote on the maps would result in a "detailed and painstaking racial gerrymander". Congressman Gutierrez accused the Republicans of being racially discriminating against voters of colors. He stated " How else do we describe a situation where Texas gains new political power because of the physical presence of millions of Black, Brown, and Asian bodies, and yet the political establishment does not give those very Texans the ability to elect more candidates to represent them?" "It is an insult to the foundations of our democracy." he stated.

With the proposed new map it threatens to combine Democrats Shelia Jackson Lee and Al Green into the same district, which would have them running against each other in the up coming elections. They both testified before the Senate's redistricting committee to oppose the redrawing of their districts. State Sen. Borris Miles, D-Houston, proposed his own amendment to address the changes to the two districts. He proposed to return some of the communities split back between the two districts of original origin by adding more eligible Hispanic voters into Democratic U.S. Rep. Sylvia Garcia's Congressional District 29. All three agreed with this notion but his proposal was rejected on a party-line vote, with Huffman saying she feared Miles' proposal would drop the population of Black eligible voters could

elect the candidates of their choice. Now the map moves to the Texas House for approval before it can be signed by Gov. Gregg Abbott.

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