New York, NY

Hi, I’m Olivia, a freelance writer, and marketing strategist. 👩🏼‍💻 ✨ I have completed both a BCom and an MBA but have found the best teacher is experience, of which I also have plenty! ✨ 🏀 Currently working on copy and content for a number of clients, including and Dribbble. 🌎 I’ve helped create, share, and grow communities for many top-tier companies like Canada Running Series, responsible for Canada’s premier IAAF gold-label marathon; The Runners Shop, Canada’s oldest run-specialty retailer; and, freelancer marketplace acquired by Dribbble in 2017. 🤖 If you're into that *tech scene* I have done a lot of work for online marketplaces while working with a product team to automate and optimize their functionality. 🤙 I primarily work with businesses in the outdoor or athletic spaces, small to medium-sized B2Cs, and some tech companies (if our values align). I have a soft spot for health, fitness, and education, and beautifully crafted consumer products. ☕️ In addition to my work, I’m a long-distance runner, coffee and craft beer lover, vegetarian, and tech geek. Always open to chat about interesting ideas or ways we could collaborate.