Americans With Low-Paying Jobs Work While Omicron Spreads

Olha Bahaieva
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Money is important for all of us. You can pay for your apartment, bills, and live a stable life. Many people enjoy their lives by visiting cafes, restaurants, and travel worldwide. But once COVID-19 hit our life, everything changed.

I remember the beginning of a pandemic. I was going back from Turkey where I’ve been living for nearly three years. It was last month before a massive shutdown worldwide.

If you like me, your life tremendously changed because you couldn’t visit public places anymore. It’s so good if you have a remote job. But were you wondering what happen to people who worked at low-wage jobs, like waitresses?

According to a CNBC report, nearly 7.6 million people in the leisure and hospitality industry lost their jobs in pandemic time in 2020, it’s 47% of job positions on the market.

Today, in 2022 things became more or less in control. But is it? With an Omicron stamp, in January USA has 1 million Covid-19 cases daily according to The Coronavirus Pandemic.

Does it mean that cafes and restaurants are shutting down again? Hopefully not, but there are restrictions and strict rules for the leisure and entertainment industry.

Unfortunately, people who have low-wages jobs can’t stay at home. If they stay, they lose money. In comparison to mid and high-paid jobs, where employees work full-time and are protected, low-wage employees haven’t compensated the same way,

It’s especially bad to hear that the USA does not have national paid sick laws. The service sector always struggles with leaves. There is another problem. The leisure and hospitality industry has many part-time jobs which don’t have any health protection.

All this comes to one statement. If you work in a low-wage job and skip one day — no one will compensate for it. The more days you skip, the more money you lose.

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