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50 Years of Work Isn’t Enough: Uncle Lou Opens Uncle Lou Restaurant in NYC Again

Olha Bahaieva
Photo by ELEVATE from PexelsPhoto by ELEVATE from Pexels

Can you imagine yourself working 50 years in the industry, retiring, but going back to work? If it sounds unreal for you, it’s a real story for Uncle Lou.

He has lived in Manhattan’s Chinatown for nearly 50 years. During this time he worked at restaurants, newspapers, and other fields. He was trying his best to get a solid income and was greatly rewarded by life. It was time to retire and spend his 60s at home.

Once he started his retirement, he said:

“I was so frustrated sitting at home,” he explains. “Like my ex-wife says, every day I wake up, I’m the first one to leave the door. She didn’t like it either. That’s how we broke up.” - Louis Wong in Grub Street

He decided that retirement isn’t for him and started to work again. His restaurant Uncle Lou is located on Mulberry Street. The owner enjoys carrying about this place just because he loves his restaurant industry.

If someone asks Uncle Lou why he is still working, he replies that he loves what he does. It seems that sitting at home is a boring routine which doesn’t bring any pleasure. This is why Uncle Lou prefers to work in his favorite industry and enjoy the results he gets from it.

If you check Yelp’s page, you’ll find so much positive feedback about this place. It proves that Uncle Lou isn’t running after money, but enjoys the things he does at his restaurant.

People enjoy the quality of food, restaurant place, and interior. Uncle Lou does a great job, and it doesn’t matter how old you are. If you love what you do, you can’t even call it a job. Instead, it’s your hobby, an interest that motivates you to live and connect with people.

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