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The Future of Restaurants Is in the Suburbs, Big Cities Aren’t Needed Anymore

Olha Bahaieva
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We used to think that a variety of restaurants is possible only in big cities. The more city is, the better restaurant choice you’d have.

NYC has the biggest choice of places that are worth visiting with a population of more than 8M people. What if the future of restaurants is going to change? Will you believe that instead of modern cities, restaurants’ future is in the suburb areas?

If it was impossible before, but with today's technology development, this future might come very soon. The biggest struggle that suburban restaurants might face is a delivery service.

With drones, robots, and aero mobiles it’s not a problem anymore. For example, Grubhub and Yandex SDG started to deliver food with robots already.

What is more important, automated delivery is a great budget-safer. According to Forbes, restaurants with drone delivery will be able to save up to 90% in comparison to traditional car-based services.

Manna is doing 2,000 to 3,000 flights a day using fully autonomous suitcase-sized drones that fly at 50 miles an hour — Manna CEO Bobby Healy in Forbes

There is another benefit of new era delivery. Instead of going to a restaurant, drones and robots will bring anything you want straight to your home. We are very close to the dream of never having to go outside.

All these factors mean that restaurants might not rely on the location anymore. Instead, they can focus on cousins, business strategy, and other important things. Suburb areas might not struggle to have only one restaurant or not have them at all. The future is shaping a new reality with a huge potential of suburbs for restaurants.

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