Proclaim All These Blessings To Endure Fulfilled Life


Everlasting Father, the external rock of ages, as we are about to go out today, I proclaim that your entire household shall experience blessings, and dynamic lifting from to greater height in name of Jesus Christ. And the Bible says it will lift your family from bitterness and sorrow and turn it into happiness and joy. And whatever is distracting you from the word of God, drives them away in the name of Jesus.

Whatever is making you not moving forward or causing backwardness in your family shall be removed by fire, and every satanic chain or weapon that he has used to tired your destiny, I cause it to be removed in the name of Jesus. The Lord said he will remove you from the cage of the wicked ones. I decree and declare your destiny will catapult you into a better life in Jesus. The Lord will lift your family into a greater height, he will lift your finance from nothing to surplus, your business will expand and grow in the name of Jesus.

I pray that God gives you the grace of what God's want you to be, no matter what the enemies use to frustrate you or let you down as it will be consumed in the name of Jesus

Claim all these blessings, the Lord shall decorate your family with happiness, he will elevate your family into the standard height, he said he will elevate your business, and the angel of God will guide, protect your family from he evil ones and lastly, the dynamic power of God will rule over your family in the name of Jesus.

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