Blood Cancer Is Very Dangerous, Avoid The Excessive Intake Of These 3 Things In Order To Live Long


One thing one needs to avoid is getting sick, as you won't be able to carry your daily activities. Blood cancer also knows as leukaemia is a very dangerous disease, and there are some things we don't that can increase the risk of getting this blood cancer. For you to live long there are things you need to avoid.
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Down below are some signs, and don't hesitate to visit the doctor

• Shortness of beath
• infection, or fever
• frequent fatigue
• Headache
• Night sweat
• Pain in the bone, and joint
• loss of weight

Avoid eating excess of these foods if you don't want to have leukaemia or blood cancer

1. Process or red meat
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Eating excess red meat or processed meat can trigger your risk of getting leukaemia this is as a result of the chemicals they use to process it, and also eating it for a very long time can also increase your chances of getting a chronic disease.

2. Drinking excessive alcohol
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Excess intake of alcohol has a lot of effects on the body, this is as a result of the alcoholic and the chemical in it is very dangerous ad excessively intake can cause blood cancer and over diseases.

3. Smoking of cigarettes
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Cigarettes smoke is very dangerous whether you are active or passive is very dangerous to human health. As they say, smokers are liable to die young, this is, as a result, it can lead to blood cancer leukaemia, or darkens the internal organs.

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