6 Signs That You May Have A Weak Immune System


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We all know that if our body has a weak Immune system, our body can easily be affected by diseases. The main function of the immune system is to fight different types of diseases, and also makes our body heal faster when we are affected by diseases.
Down below are 6 signs that show that our body has a weak immune system
1. Having slow healings of wounds
If you start experiencing slow healing of wounds, then is high time you need to see your medical for a checkup.
2. Stomach problems
When you have a weak immune system, you will always have stomach pain or bowel, and eventually, you start losing weight and feeling serious pain.
3. Experience hair loss
When one begins to experience hair loss from the body is another sign you have a weak immune system, because the skin is not strong enough to hold the skin and hair effectively.
4. Experiencing Joint pain
If you start experiencing frequent pain in your back, is another sign that you have a weak immune system, and need to see your health expert immediately.
5. Skin rashes
Unexplainable skin rashes all over your body indicate you have a weak Immune system, and it should be treated early because of early detection in the best.
6. Your skin will be very sensitive to sunlight
If your immune system is weak your body will be very sensitive to sunlight, and people having lupus shouldn't expose their skin to sunlight, as it can lead to sunburnt.

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