4 Things To Do To Reduce Hypertension


Hypertension is a condition where the force of the blood is too high in the artery walls, which eventually lead to serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke e.t.c.

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High blood pressure can be gotten through the way they live their lifestyle, family history, age or some other medical conditions like diabetes, kidney, high cholesterol, and hormonal problems which can lead to Hypertension.
Symptoms of hypertension
• Headache
• Vision problems
• Blood in the urine
• irregular heartbeat
• Frequent fatigue
• Difficult in breathing

If you notice any of those symptoms it is advisable to meet your health expert and doing of these things to reduce high blood pressure.

1. Exercise regularly
Exercise plays a vital role, and participating in healthy activities helps in lowering blood pressure and also help you to keep a balance weight.

2. Limit your intake of alcohol
Drinking excess also leads to unnecessary weight gain that can increase your risk of getting hypertension, so endeavour to reduce your intake of alcohol.
3. Eat a healthy diet
Ensure you limit food that is high in fat, salt, cholesterol instead you eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains such as garlic berries, cabbage, berries, watermelon e.t.c

4. Stop smoking
Smoking or chewing tobacco can also increase your chance of getting hypertension as the chemicals that are cigarettes or tobacco can damage the walls of the artery, also it darkens the vital organs in the body such as the heart, lungs and liver. To avoid those problems stop smoking or chewing tobacco.

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