4 Things You Should Stop Doing Once You Clock 40 Years Of Age


Age is a gradual and inevitable process, that we all will experience.
Lifestyle and dietary factors are some we need to be cautious about as we are growing older.
Our mental health and physical health have a great impact on our lifestyle. So in this article, I will explain 4 things you should stop doing, as we are growing older.

Here are some signs of ageing which include

• Visible pores
• Rough skin texture
• Blotchiness and age spots
• Dry skin
• Uneven skin tone
• Dullness of skin
• Fine lines and wrinkles

Down below are 4 things you need to avoid since you clock 40 years

1. Avoid toxic relationship


Engaging in a toxic relationship can destroy your mental health, and can kill you, as a result of stress and other challenges you will encounter

2. Don't Ignore pains

back painunsplash

As we grow older, our body becomes weak and which are prone to pains, which shows you are not healthy enough.
If you experience pain like toothache, back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain, chest pain seek treatment from a medical expert.
3. Not drinking enough water
Not drinking enough water can affect our body negatively which can lead to dehydration, as the body loses fluids than it takes.
A person who loses more fluid than it takes will later have seen serious health problems such as electrolyte Imbalance, constipation, loss of balance, and kidney problems so ensure to drink enough water.

4. Drinking excessive alcohol

Excess alcoholUnsplash

Drinking excess alcohol can affect our lifestyle negatively, as it can destroy the liver due to its alcoholic nature.

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