Reduce Your Intake Of These 3 Things, If You Don't Want To Suffer Arthritis


Arthritis is a disorder that affects the joint, sometimes it causes inflammation and pain making it hard for the joint to move or stay active. Arthritis can affect both men, women and children.
There are different signs and symptoms of arthritis you need to know, down below are signs of arthritis.

• Stiff neck
• Skin redness
• Fatigue
• Muscles weakness
• Difficult walking
• Decreased ranging
• Swelling
• Joint stiffness
The things we eat increase your chance of getting arthritis. Some of these include

1. Saturated fat
Saturated fat

Saturated fatSaturated fat can increase your total LDL and raise the bad level of cholesterol in your body. People living with arthritis have a higher chance of getting heart disease, so you need to watch your cholesterol level and avoid eating food that contains a lot of saturated fat.

2. Sugar food

Researchers have shown that processed sugar can increase or worsen arthritis problems this is as it releases pro-inflammatory called cytokine says burning. And this cytokine level is high when you already have inflammatory arthritis, and that causes swellings, pains, stiffness of joint and swollen lumps, so reduce your intake of processed sugar.
3. Excess alcohol

Alcohol contains a lot of calories and sugar, can increase your chances of getting arthritis. Also, alcohol is called a triggers food because it can cause inflammation, and which can make the Symptoms to get worsen. Alcohol can interact with over the counter or prescription drugs you make take to treat arthritis. So lessens your intake of alcohol

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