A Local Baker Sharing Her Family Favorites with O'ahu: The Sweet Tooth Cookie Lady


The Sweet Tooth Cookie Lady's Collection of Blondies & BrowniesGina Ermilio-Na Ohanaeatz

Over the last two years, one of the phrases that has resonated in the food industry is..."support local." This task has allowed our family to diversify our taste buds and experience many different types of "home cooking."

Some days while driving through Ewa Beach, I noticed a couple selling goods by Geiger Park. It turns out this pop-up was actually one retiree's way of bringing her sweets that she shared with her former hospitality co-workers, to the rest of town.

Reggie's Chocolate Craves- Triple Chocolate BrownieGina Ermilio-Na Ohanaeatz

The Sweet Tooth Cookie Lady was created by Janeen Cayetano-Maunupau in an effort to explore her passion for baking while tying in subtleties of her family. Her brownies and blondies are aptly named after family members and their ingredients are designed in each family member's preference and also as a fun culinary way to describe their personalities.

The Makoa Madness-(named after her grandson) Oreos, peanut butter, caramel, chocolate, pretzels, sprinkles, Snickers, & marshmallows.Gina Ermilio-Na Ohanaeatz

The collection of bars range in flavor from fruity to chocolate decadence but each moist, chewy bite is crammed full of dynamic flavors.

The Sweet Tooth Cookie Lady's menu includes bars named Serendipity, Makoa Madness, Reggie's Chocolate Craves, Sammi's, Sow Your Oats, and Apple of my Eye. These bars are enhanced by not only Janeen's creativity but her combination of diverse ingredients.

Serendipity- granddaughter Makylah's bar featuring lemon oreos, animal cookies, & moreGina Ermilio-Na Ohanaeatz

One bar in particular, aptly named for her grandaughter Makylah is known as 'Serendipity.' It features lemon Oreos, mini chocolate chips, sea salt toffee candy, animal cookies, confetti, bow-shaped pretzels, and marshmallows. This crazy combo is a favorite of both kids and adults and the sweet, salty, yet citrusy flavor find a way of combining into a sugary delight.

Apple of my Eye Blondie- Fuji & Granny Smith Apples with hints of cinnamon and cherryGina Ermilio-Na Ohanaeatz

The Sweet Tooth Cookie Lady also highlights fruit in her bars with her 'Apple of my Eye' blondie. The granny smith and Fuji apples are topped with cinnamon and then blended into a confection of tart cherries, caramel chips, and nutmeg.

Each brownie or blondie is baked fresh, heat-sealed, and able to be frozen.

To experience these inventive creations, check out:

The Sweet Tooth Cookie Lady

On Instagram or for orders, contact Janeen at 808.754.0546

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