Tips To Prepare Your Kids For Summer Camp

Summer camp can be one of the most incredible experiences for your child. However, it can also be scary and stressful, especially if it’s your child’s first time going to camp. There are a few easy ways to help you and your child prepare for summer camp and we’ve gathered them all here!

1. Help with packing

One of the best ways to prepare your child for summer camp is to remain involved in the process. Start by teaching them how to pack right, walking them through their packing list and picking items out together. Completing this step together will also give you a good idea of what you need to purchase for your child before they leave for camp.

2. Take them shopping

This brings us to our next tip - take your child shopping with you. Whether you need to purchase a reusable water bottle or several new pieces of clothing, your child will enjoy picking out items for themselves.

3. Ship luggage to camp

Summer camp means lots of baggage to accommodate everything your child will need while away from home. Make the journey to camp easier and more enjoyable by shipping your child’s luggage, trunks, and boxes ahead of their arrival with Ship Camps. Ship Camps will collect your baggage from your doorstep and deliver them safely and on-time to camp, guaranteed. When you ship ahead, you also won’t have to worry about airline baggage fees and other airport headaches.

4. Visit the camp

If possible, consider visiting the summer camp you intend on sending your child to before camp starts. If you’re concerned about the well-being and safety of your child while away, or if they require specific kinds of accommodations and assistance, visiting the camp ahead of time may give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

5. Share your own experiences

Your child may find comfort in camp stories of your own! If you attended summer camp as a kid, consider sharing some of your fun experiences and memories with your child. Try to explain to them the benefits of going on a summer camp.

6. Do a test run

For many children, summer camp is their first time away from home. This can be especially daunting for younger kids. To best prepare them, do a handful of trial runs. Schedule sleepovers with friends and nights away with grandparents so your child can begin to get used to being away from home.

7. Label everything

Lots of kids mean lots of clothes! Be sure to label everything, even your child’s underwear, to ensure that anything that belongs to them makes its way back home, too.

8. Prepare for homesickness

You always want to keep conversations about summer camp positive. But, you should prepare your child for homesickness while reminding them it’s not permanent. Let them know that it’s something all campers will experience and consider packing a photo or stuffed animal to remind them of home. Here are some more tips to deal with homesickness.

9. Health and safety reminders

One of the most important ways to prepare your child for summer camp is to address hygiene. Remind your child to never share hats, helmets, or hairbrushes to prevent the spread of lice.

10. Encouragement

Help boost your child’s confidence with words of encouragement. Explain to them the importance of summer camp and make them excited about all of the activities they’re going to experience, the friendships they’ll make, the life skills they’ll develop, and the lifelong memories they’ll create.

If you end up taking your kids for a family summer camp - here are some good ideas for camping destinations.

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