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St. Augustine, Florida: History, Scenery, And Pie-Filled Ice Cream Sandwiches At Peace Pie!

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My Love For The Ice Cream Sandwich

My love affair with ice cream sandwiches spans back to when I was a kid playing outside in the blistering Hawaiian sun. Suddenly, I would hear the sound of a certain song humming through the air. The song would be followed by a familiar white rectangular-shaped vehicle with some of the most colorful stickers my young eyes had ever seen. These stickers showcased some of the most delectable sweet treats a child could ever dream of! Excitement and anticipation filled the air as children would flock to the colorful behemoth like seagulls fighting for food scraps on a beach. We would stand in line for what seemed like an eternity just to get our hands on our own little piece of heaven. I love ice cream and popsicles, who doesn't? However, my summer salvation came as ice cream in the humble shape of a brown and white rectangle wrapped in a white piece of paper. Back then I thought it was the best thing ever created. It was the classic ice cream sandwich. Two chocolate-flavored cookies stuffed with a wonderfully delicious block of vanilla ice cream inside. Who would've guessed that something so simple would be one of my all-time favorite sweet treats?

What Is A Peace Pie?

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of eating tons of ice cream sandwiches. Some, of course, are better than others. So I pretty much figured I’d had everything out there, or so I thought. Then one amazing day we were filming in St. Augustine, Florida for our upcoming Off Our Couch Eats videos when I stumbled upon a sign. It was way in the back of what looked like an alley. As I got closer, I noticed that the alley was actually the historic Aviles Street. I progressed to see if the colorful sign was actually what I thought it was I couldn’t believe my eyes. It said, “Ice cream sandwiches with a layer of pie filling!” That’s right I said, “Pie Filling and Ice Cream Sandwich In the Same Sentence!” I thought there is no way that an ice cream sandwich could be worth spending more than a dollar or two on, but boy was I wrong! The idea alone was unique but when I got closer I realized that this was no ordinary ice cream sandwich. Peace Pie ice cream sandwiches are BIG and undoubtedly worth more than the six-dollar price tag. I decided that we had to film just so I could try one, and soon, my whole family would thank me.

The Amazing Peace Pie

We started out with three flavors, pecan pie, chocolate-covered strawberry, and caramel coffee toffee. The presentation is very professional and the packaging is a sealed plastic container to keep the ice cream cold for a bit. We managed to walk around the corner to film them without the ice cream melting in the ninety-degree Florida heat. As we opened our boxes, we noticed that Peace Pie didn’t slack on any ingredients. The ice cream scoops were massive, the pie fillings were ridiculous, and the cookies were very solid and had a nice snap. I was pleasantly surprised with how much pie filling you get in each sandwich; they were so stuffed with it, that the filling was falling out! I had the pecan pie and it was deliciously perfect. It was on two shortbread cookies with a ginormous scoop of vanilla ice cream and the pie filling was plentiful, fresh, and tasted just like mom used to make. My son ordered the chocolate-covered strawberry which was amazing as well. It was stuffed with strawberry ice cream topped with chocolate mousse and lots of chocolate chips between two chocolate cookies. Both the pecan pie and the chocolate-covered strawberry were good but by far, the star of the show was the Caramel Coffee Toffee! This beast had colossal chunks of toffee along with the bold rich flavor of coffee ice cream, drizzled in caramel, between two chocolate cookies. It was the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Peace Pie has something amazing going, a truly a one of a kind treat. It was an absolute pleasure taking these down and I can honestly say that I’ll never go back to plain ice cream sandwiches again.

If you are interested in trying a Peace Pie for yourself, they actually ship to over 25 states and the information is available at

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