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Beautiful Palos Verdes Estates, California by Ocean

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Flat Rock Point Palos Verdesby Andre Navarro

Beautiful and serene Flat Rock Point of Palos Verdes Estates, California. If you've had the pleasure of viewing the ocean from the Palos Verdes cliffs or taking an adventurous hike down the cliffs, you're familar with how scenic this peninsula is. But there is another level of visceral beauty to be had and that is by ocean !
Malaga Cove to Bluff Cove, Palos Verdesby Andre Navarro
Over Kelp Forest of Palos Verdesby Andre Navarro

Here the cold Pacific Ocean meets the cliffs over thick and thriving kelp forests. These kelp forests are especially thick from Malaga Cove to Bluff Cove surrounding Flat Rock. Ranging from a few feet to over 30' in length, this dense kelp is visible by the floating surface canopies.

All around and in the kelp forests you'll observe cute Harbor Seals, Seagulls and Cormorants swimming in, flying over and diving into the kelp. One of my favorite Harbor Seal hangout spots is Flat Rock on the northern end of Bluff Cove. Flat Rock is surrounded by kelp forests and usually packed with local Harbor Seals hauling out.
Harbor Seals and Friendsby Andre Navarro
Harbor Seals and Friendsby Andre Navarro

When I swim around Flat Rock, I have to approach slowly and from a distance until the gentle and hesitant Harbor Seals understand I'm not a threat. Even then I have to measure their body gestures for fear so I don't accidentally scare them off the rock which they need to sun on to maintain their internal body temperature. It takes me about an hour minimum to gain a bit of their trust to approach closer.

As I circle Flat Rock, I softly talk to the Harbor Seals as I observe them close and they observe me back. I wish I could be in their minds and know what they are thinking. They look at me with such confusion and curiousity. They probably see my kind usually on land from a distance or occasionally kayaking or paddle boarding by. But in the cold water with them ? And now talking to them directly. They might think I'm crazy as many others probably do to. I love connecting with the ocean and it's diverse life and moments like this fill my heart and motivate me.
Flat Rock, Palos Verdesby Andre Navarro

Yes the gorgeous views of the ocean and cliffs here are surreal. As the sky seems to melt into the ocean divided by the steep cliffs. If you are ever in the area and looking to adventure, visit Palos Verdes Bluff Cove by land, hiking and especially by water for an unforgettable adventure.

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