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Laguna Beach, California / Kelp Forest at Seal Rock

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Cruising the Kelp Forestby Andre Navarro

One of my favorite Southern California locations to explore below the surface is Seal Rock of Laguna Beach ! Located at the north end of Crescent Cove and about 150 yards from shore, it's an easy location to access with a brisk swim with cool terrain the entire route. My favorite area of this adventure is the Kelp Forest in between Seal Rock and the shallow reefs.
Kelp Forestby Andre Navarro

Thank goodness this beautiful area is protected from fishing and gathering. Due to this, the underwater environment is pristine and filled with thriving fish. Garibalidi Demselfish, Senorita Wrasse and Opaleye Rudderfish inhabit this area and intermingle with the many other fish.
Garibaldis in Kelp Forestby Andre Navarro
Senoritas in Kelp Forestby Andre Navarro
Opaleyes in Kelp Forestby Andre Navarro

The view from the rocky bottom is amazing. With the bright sun glimmering through the tall swaying kelp lighting up the schools of unique fish. My imagination goes wild as I explore through the cold soothing ocean water.
Sun through Kelp Forestby Andre Navarro

Kelp Forest are one of the most dynamic and productive ecosystems on earth. From all the different varieties of algae seaweeds, fish, invertebrates, marine mammals and birds, it's an awesome place to view amazing ocean life. I wish I could hold my breath long like the nearby rascally Sea Lions as I love being at the bottom where the Spiny Lobsters dwell.
bottom of Kelp Forestby Andre Navarro

This day the conditions were clear and weather great. The gorgeous underwater views were second to none on this motivating swim throught the Kelp Forest on the way to Sea Lion, Cormorant and Seagull inhabited Seal Rock. Next time, the Sea Lions of Seal Rock !

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