Startup Continuum Ramps Up Layoff Consultation Services


Originally reported by Greg Rosalsky on NPR.

As of writing this, according to, nearly 66,000 employees have been laid off by 483 startups in 2022. So far, at least.

And many of these companies, ranging from Klarna,, and Tesla, have made headlines in recent months as a result of their bizarre and sometimes outright inhumane methods of laying off employees. Some even more than others.

But one company, in particular, is cashing in on the current wave of layoffs.

Enter Continuum, which CEO Nolan Church describes as a “labor marketplace for fractional executives.”

Or, in other words, essentially part-time gig work for executive consultants.

Founded in August 2020, Continuum was never envisioned as a “layoff product.” Rather, it was intended as a service in which companies could pay a one-time fee (though still one in the range of 10 to 20,000 dollars or more) and receive short-term consultations on various matters.

Regardless of intentions, though, the demand for layoff consultations has skyrocketed as of late.

Church sees this as a good sign for both workers and founders “who want to do this the right way.” It matters how employers lay off employees, and not just for matters of ethics.

"If the company is lucky enough to survive, people will remember how they were treated during this time," Church says. "And if they were treated poorly, that will have an effect on your employer brand."

Many companies are quickly realizing that it can be in their own self-interest to handle layoffs with tact. A reputation of maltreatment of employees before and after a layoff can both hinder company morale and performance and drive away valuable candidates.

Continuum has partnered with Dover’s website “One Soft Landing,” which seeks to help employees find new work after a layoff.

But this has, unfortunately, come too late for many employees, and the damage has already been done.

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