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It's Like Nutella: New Venchi Chocolate Store on Bleecker Street in West Village

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In case you forgot (or never knew), the two ingredients that make Nutella taste like Nutella are chocolate and hazelnuts. If you like the flavor of Nutella, you will like many of the chocolates made by Venchi.

There's a new Venchi store in the West Village, located at 233 Bleecker Street. The treat shop sits on the corner of Carmine, across the street from Father Demo Square, where 6th Avenue completes the triangle.

Walk into the Venchi store, and you will see an entire wall of chocolates. There are chocolate bars, chocolate balls, chocolate squares, and chocolate pieces, arranged in a colorful display.

See green? That's probably pistachio. The other colors are less intuitive. You need to read the labels. That blue one? It's tiramisu. Next to the pretty colors, you see photos of the chocolate. Wow, there's a lot of hazelnut going on here.

When reading the labels on Venchi chocolates, one word stands out: gianduja. What is gianduja? It's a lot like Nutella.

Gianduja is a chocolate spread made with at least 30% hazelnuts. Eataly describes the Italian confection as "lighter than dark chocolate, yet darker than milk chocolate."

Speaking of Eataly, if you frequent the Italian marketplace, you are probably already familiar with Venchi. Their chocolates have been featured prominently in the Eataly stores for years, alongside other Italian brands that also specialize in gianduja chocolates.

If you've never eaten a chocolate bar made with gianduja, you might be surprised by the texture. Unlike a Hershey's bar, where you can snap off pieces easily, a Venchi bar maintains a creamy consistency throughout. Imagine if your Nutella spread was slightly more solid, but not as stiff as a Hershey's bar.

Of course, Venchi also sells chocolates that resemble the consistency of a Hershey's bar. The shop even offers a selection of gelato flavors and hot beverages. But the gianduja chocolates make up their iconic items. And that makes sense - after all, Nutella comes from Italy, too.

So what's holding you back from running over to the Venchi store on Bleecker Street right now? Well, it's not the most affordable treat in New York City. A single bar of chocolate will set you back $9.

Then again, it's the holiday season, so this place might be a good spot to pick up some gifts. Know anyone who likes Nutella? Venchi is like the fancy version, perfect for a special occasion.

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