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What Feels "Cozy" in New York City Right Now?

Quaid Lagan

Is your email inbox full of advertisements for "cozy" sweaters and "cozy" getaways and "cozy" beverages? Yeah, same.

Resy sent out a list today featuring "New York's Coziest Restaurants," including places like Minetta Tavern in the West Village and Cozy Royale in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What makes these restaurants "cozy," though? Can the interior designers take most of the credit for the coziness factor of a place? Or does being cozy hinge on the welcoming energy of the service staff?

Do New Yorkers feel cozy often? Although the adjective comes easily during this time of year - when the weather gets colder - coziness isn't a quality often associated with this bustling city.

So how do you get cozy in New York City? Do you tuck yourself into a corner booth at your favorite restaurant and escape the hectic energy constantly swirling on any street corner?

Or can you achieve coziness in the middle of Grand Central Terminal? What would that look like? Perhaps an embrace with someone you love. Or maybe you act like a tourist for a minute and gaze up at the enchanting mural on the ceiling.

Maybe "cozy" for you is a cup of hot chocolate after ice skating in Bryant Park. Or perhaps you prefer a more adult version of a cozy beverage: a hot toddy, the seasonal drink that pretends to be an elixir for colds. Actually, isn't hot apple cider just as cozy? What about mulled wine?

Cozy can look like a lot of things in New York City. And really, you don't have to wait for the winter weather to invite you into a cozy place or a cozy scene.

Take the public library, for example. Curling up with a book is an all-time cozy affair. You can do this in the summer. Why save cozy for Christmas and holidays?

Contrary to what people outside of New York City might think, we New Yorkers know how to find the cozy places, no matter the season, don't we?

We find cozy when we share a smile with a random stranger at the bus stop. We find cozy when we meet up with friends for ice cream. We find cozy when we walk into a church and remember what silence sounds like.

Don't believe the hype - you don't have to buy more sweaters to feel cozy (that is, unless you really need a sweater, go ahead). You don't even have to seek out a restaurant designed for maximum coziness. A cozy drink, though? Yeah, that probably helps.

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