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NYC Food Culture: Top 5 Stories This Week


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Do you feel it? Can you smell it? Taste it? New York City is coming back to life. Spring is in full swing, and it’s time to go for longer walks, to venture farther out from your familiar surroundings. And food is a great way to engage with the vibrancy of NYC. Check out some of the best stories on food culture, from the past week.

A Tribute to the 11 NYC Sandwiches That Are Getting Us Through the Pandemic

Answer this riddle: How is a sandwich like a vacation? Well, wrap your mouth around this sandwich ($15) from Court Street Grocers and find out.

Robert Sietsema wrote a tribute to his favorite sandwiches in New York City. From Hudson Square to Sunset Park to the Lower East Side, Sietsema takes the reader on a virtual tour of the various cafes, delis, and international restaurants scattered across the five boroughs. The piece includes lots of delicious-looking photos to inspire your next city walk.

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Our/New York Partners With Rethink Food to Release Vodka Infused with New York City Grown Basil

The small batch infusion uses surplus basil from Brooklyn-based urban farm Square Roots, in partnership with transformational non-profit Rethink Food, to add a gentle basil flavor to the spirit.

According to Pernod Richard USA, the collaborative creation exemplifies how food insecurity can be circumvented. By allocating an otherwise wasted resource, such as surplus herbs, food can be repurposed in inventive ways. Visit Our/New York website for more information, such as where to buy and recipes incorporating the basil-infused vodka.

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Diverse food trucks in NYC give back with free meal giveaway as part of Pepsi promotion

Manzanita Sol, a new apple soda from PepsiCo, partnered with four popular Black and Hispanic-owned food trucks this weekend in New York City, handing out free food and a bottle of the apple pop.

As reported by Gabriele Holtermann, NYC food truck owners received $10,000 from Manzanita Sol, in a joint effort with Pepsi, to support Black and Hispanic communities. The piece highlights Caribbean, Jamaican, and Puerto Rican food, with plenty of great photos documenting the giveaway event.

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A Recovery for All of Us: Mayor de Blasio Announces Return of Curbside Composting

Enrollment will launch in August, with collection services set to begin in October and expand as more buildings opt in. Significant expansions of community composting, reuse, and hazardous waste disposal programs are included in the announcement as well.

On Earth Day, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the return of curbside composting. The program was sidelined in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With its return, New Yorkers can feel good about participating in the cause for environmental justice.

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Chef Wylie Dufresne Teams Up With Breads Bakery For A NYC-Style Pizza Pop-Up

The operation is called Stretch Pizza, it's the first time in some five years that Dufrense has professionally cooked anything savory, and based on a few stellar preview pies I ate last night, we can only hope it'll stick around for a while.

Scott Lynch wrote about a new pizza pop-up. It’s a collaboration between Gadi Peleg and Wylie Dufresne, two NYC natives who love “New York Style” pizza. There’s also a calzone on the menu. Read Lynch’s piece for a detailed description of the “Everything” pie, which includes everything-bagel spices.

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See, lots of exciting NYC food stories this week. If you have the means, go for a stroll this weekend and treat yourself to something delicious.

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