The Amazing National Park of Joshua Tree

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Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most awe-inspiring places in all of California. Getting to the park is an adventure in and of itself, with vast desert landscapes to admire as you make your way from Los Angeles out into the desert. Upon entering Joshua Tree, visitors are greeted by towering trees that offer shade from scorching summer days or relief from relentless winter storms.

It is difficult to visit this park without taking a walk through its beautiful desert landscape. The trails here are a great place for that, with visitors meeting up with canyon walls and canyons of rock that make for some stunning scenes. But, as is the case with most parks, visitors do not need to be close to the park's trailheads to make discoveries; they can find treasures just about anywhere.

The National Park of Joshua Tree is home to some incredible ruins as well. Canyons and another plot of land have been carved out by Mother Nature over time, which means there are plenty of caves and natural wonders at Joshua Tree. But there are also a few relics left by Native Americans who lived in the area before Europeans did – ancient campsites and petroglyphs. These sites are a welcome change to the park's natural beauty and make for some very unique experiences that cannot be had anywhere else.

 When visiting Joshua Tree, be sure to have some fun with your camera as well. Dozens of ruins dot the canyon landscape, making it one of California's best places for photography.

If you find yourself in the park during the summer, be sure to head out to the nearby Mojave Desert and do some exploring beyond Joshua Tree. The desert can be very harsh during the summer months, and it is often too hot to pull out your camera. But the Mojave has so much untapped beauty that you will never regret your visit!

Here are some of the best places to visit at the national park:
Skull Rock of Joshua Tree National

Skull Rock

This is a huge area of ancient petroglyphs and rock paintings. It's a very good spot for those who want to get some good photos of the park's landscape. You can obviously also admire and take pictures of the typical Skull rock.

Hidden Valley

This area is a favourite of photographers who visit Joshua Tree. It is found on the east side of the National Park and has a number of stunning views that will leave you with some amazing photos. It's a stop you must make if you visit the park, the silence is unreal and the landscape is truly fascinating.

Keys View

This area is a mile-long stretch of meadows, creosote bushes and giant boulders. It's a wonderful place to have lunch before continuing on with your hike. Admire spectacular landscapes and viewpoints overlooking the Sant'Andrea fault

Dunes View

This area is known for being one of the most beautiful locations in Joshua Tree National Park. It allows visitors to see across miles upon miles of desert, and even catch a glimpse of the California Aqueduct and Mount San Gorgonio!

Thousand Palms Campground This site is home to animals such as rabbits, coyotes, deer and snakes, as well as numerous bird species.

The Rim Trail

This is one of the most popular trails in Joshua Tree, and it makes an easy walk when you think about it – it takes you through Joshua Trees and cacti, with breathtaking views along the way. There is even an overlook to see down into the Old Indian Trading Post Canyon.

There are also lots of hidden gems in the park – so many, in fact, that each year tourists and locals alike are discovering new things about this great place. By visiting Joshua Tree and exploring its giant trees, ancient ruins and abandoned cabins, you will be sure to find some new treasures along the way.

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