All-time Favourites BBQ Restaurants to Visit in Texas

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Barbecue season is here, and there is nothing better than enjoying smoked meat accompanied by amazing sides and a fresh beer, all of this with the company of friends and family.

I remember one time at a fair, buying a turkey leg bigger than my face, where was I? Well, I couldn't have been anywhere else but in Texas! One of the best places to savour perfectly smoked BBQ meat of all kinds!

So here is a list of all my Texas favourite BBQ joints to check out if you are a meat-lover!
1775 Texas Pit Facebook Page

1775 Texas Pit Barbecue

This joint is situated in College Station, right next to the Texas A&M University.

This little gem has gained its reputation for its amazing meat which is guaranteed to wow even the most demanding palates!

Make sure to book in advance to find the dish that you like, as the restaurant is often sold out.

You can be sure to taste prime grade briskets, sausages, pork chops and plenty of homemade sides.
Franklin Barbecue Facebook page

Franklin Barbecue

This is the Austin top barbecue spot.

Due to the COVID measures, they have momentarily suspended their dining room, but the good news is that you can order online and pick it up.

Same taste, same service!

This place is so popular that their orders become available 42 days in advance, and there is a minimum order of 3 pounds of meat.

The meat is so good that is gone fast so, my advice is to order a few days in advance to make sure to have whatever you prefer.
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Killen's Barbecue

Founded by Ronnie Killen, a passionate chef who has been cooking since the age of eight, this restaurant has been making a name for itself rather quickly, due to his hard work and the love he puts in his cooking.

You can buy the meat by the pound and savour some of the best meat you can ever taste in Texas!

It is not a barbecue without great side dishes and Killen knows it well, the strong taste of the meat is toned down by a good choice of side dishes that taste absolutely amazing.

A guest's favourite is always their signature brisket which is juicy and full of flavour.

Kreuz Restaurant

Over the past century, the ranch and farming community of Lockart, a city between Austin and San Antonio, has steadily earned the reputation as the capital of smoked meat.

In 1900 Charles Kreuz Sr. bought the market, which quickly became known as the best grocery store in the area. The family of German heritage quickly became very popular for their smoked meats. Barbecue was adopted when the family felt the need to reduce waste by cooking the whole animal and at the same time preserving a great taste for all of its parts.

Finally, in 1948, when the BBQ cuisine became an all-time favourite, the market was turned into a restaurant, which became very famous for its signature smoked meats and authentic taste.

Bodacious Barbecue

This restaurant situated in Longview is part of a franchising of nearly 20 venues in the State. They have also made their own line of products, where the sauce has become their signature and is sold by the gallon in some locations.

Bodacious Barbecue is a family business founded by Roland Lindsey and after his passing, it's been run by the rest of the family, which kept all of his original recipes and direction.

The restaurant was named one of Texas Monthly 50 best barbecue joints and gaining its popularity among Americans.

We are curious to know if you ever been to any of these restaurants and what is your favourite one!

Let us know in the comments below, and have a great meat feast!

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