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Best French Cuisine In Denver.

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In French, good food is definitely the start of the day. The phrase ’Tous Les gouts sont dans la nature’ meaning ‘taste varies in nature’ is widely accepted by many and there’s certainly no doubt about that. However, good French food is not one you would find in just any restaurant.

Bringing you unpretentious food and drink in the heart of Cole, Denver with French cuisine as the neighbourhood focus; ladies and gentlemen, Brasserie Brixton.

The restaurant at 3701 North Williams Street, Denver, so 80205 was unveiled in July 2020 by Justin Morse with his girlfriend and co-owner, Amy Keils, taking over the one hundred and thirty-six-year-old building that had been a neighbourhood market and constructing it by themselves at their spare time as they had full-time jobs at the time.

Morse had said his inspiration was French cuisine as he wanted to miss the casual neighbourhood restaurants he had explored in Quebec, Paris and London where food was exceptional without stuffy atmospheres. Hence, the motivation to create something different, especially with the menu described as many as fun, tongue in cheek, and palatable.
Photo by Brasserie Brixton.

Choosing the name because "Brasserie" is French for “brewery” and also refers to a relaxed-setting style of restaurant, while Brixton is the name of a district in London and represents the more westerly influences of the new concept. Morse had explained that French cuisine was the direction he wanted to go, but he also wanted to break the stereotypes often attributed to French restaurants as being only for expensive dinner dates practically synonymous with high-class dining as most French restaurants are rumoured to be upper-class preserve with an exclusive guest list, a dress code, a maître d’, with supreme waiters that practically tries to force the customers to order what the waiter thinks is proper rather than what the character wants.

Described as a rowdy neighbourhood French restaurant with a creative wine list, classically influenced dishes and an open kitchen run by a non-classical crew and amazing cook, chef Nicholas Dalton, that was previously a known Chef at Mercantile Dining & Provision, Brasserie Brixton has worked with many local suppliers and producers to ensure regular changes to enhance customers exploration of food and wine. Food lovers, try not to miss out!
Photo by Brasserie Brixton.

The atmosphere at Brasserie Brixton situated at 3701 North Williams Street, Denver, Co 80205 is best described as a beautiful, cosy, absolutely date-night worthy restaurant with a touch of a nightclub feel alongside good music that sets the mood. One of the best things to see is the staff dancing and singing along. We bet you would not be able to help but get caught up in it.

Serving meals in varieties on different days, the restaurants have been at their best since the opening with meals such as gougere, a meal with cured salmon, crème Fraiche and pickle shallow, as well as spring burrata salad with peas on peas, pecorino and crouton amidst others for those who would rather have healthy foods for their breakfast. Quite thoughtful.

Asides from dividing their meals into three different plates namely the small plates, the large plates and share plates to satisfy every type of craving their customers might have, they also offer dessert with nicely made wines from their bar to compliment. If you have been thinking of where to take yourself on for a night out, you need not worry anymore.

Providing dine-in and curbside delivery, the restaurant since the pandemic also established rules to ensure the safety of staff and visitors, so make that reservation today!

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