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Kutztown Folk Festival, The Talk of Pennsylvania

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Asides from being the keystone state for her role in building the foundation of the United States of America, one other thing Pennsylvania is known for is, she never jokes with her tradition.

As much as the world has developed in numerous ways, we cannot but accept that the way of life of the rural and traditional community we had back in the days still reflects in our daily lifestyle and activity and should be well appreciated as they are the stepping stone to the Information Age. Hence, the birth of the Kutztown Folk Festival.

Taking place annually at 225 N White Oak St, Kutztown, Pa 19530 is the most celebrated festival with over a hundred and forty thousand visitors a year and featuring two hundred folk artists and craftsmen as well as the largest sale of Pennsylvania Dutch quilt.

Photo by Kutztown Festival.com

The Kutztown Folk Festival is the oldest continuously operated folklife festival in America. The festival, which had begun in the summer of 1950 by three leading folklorists, has adapted the use of a distinctive approach that allows other individuals, tourists, and visitors to experience the feeling of being part of a Pennsylvania Dutch family.

The Pennsylvania Dutch are a cultural group that had initially emanated from Germany and migrated to Europe in the early 1700 and had brought with them their rich cultures, family roots, and folk magic that was and still is cherished by many.

Pennsylvania’s folklore is generally made up of several folklores that have evolved since they arrived in the 16th century and for nine days, are celebrated to entertain families and at the same time, provide valuable insight into their tradition and intriguing way of life.

The Kutztown Folk Festival has in its five stages of entertainment provided sitting areas of about thirty feet apart and in addition, ample sitting in food areas. However, understanding that a lot of visitors were most likely going to get no seat, they ensured and provided wheelchairs or electric scooters to rent for people’s convenience.

Asides from providing basic amenities such as permanent bathrooms that are kept clean by porters throughout the day alongside special bathrooms built for the displaced, they also offer a large variety of kids activities like storytelling, pony rides, petting zoo, craft area, and play area for free except for some that require little charges for maintenance purposes. Family outings are no doubt always the best when everyone can participate.

The event at 225 N White Oak St, Kutztown, Pa 19530 has been featured on the National Geographic and described by the Washington Post as ‘the most unique festival on the East Coast’ and we couldn’t agree less as the entertainment, fun activities and auctions that comes with the festival is top-notch.

If there is one thing that makes Pennsylvania Dutch stand out, it is their skill in making quilts.

Representing the finest in authentic Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmanship, quilts are made by well-skilled experienced local Mennonite women and are hard to find as enthusiasts source for them in fast-selling notions with the finest fabric and exquisite miniature ranging from king size to crib size.

Photo by Kutztown Festival.com

The beauty in craft is something we all look forward to. At the Kutztown festival, unique American crafts and folk art such as weaving, tinning, wood carving, redware, and tole painting to mention but a few are something we bet you do not want to miss.

Photo by Kutztown Festival.com

No place in the world serves as many and tastes just as good as Pennsylvania delicacies. Ranging from scrumptious to large quantity, the tasty selections are ensured to be provided from snacks to lunches to family-style dinners alongside the festival baked bread revealed to have been made from the classic 1800 southern Pennsylvania architecture.

You do not want to miss the festival antique building that gives insight into the history and traditions.

Let’s go to a festival now, shall we?

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