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Man Arrested For Antisemitic Attack Outside Los Angeles Westside Restaurant

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Xavier Pabon has been detained on Friday night in connection to an anti-semitic attack outside of a sushi restaurant in Westside Los Angeles.

The man was additionally charged with assault and a deadly weapon.

The Los Angeles police have identified him as the primary leader of the attack that took place on Tuesday night after a crowd of people was chanting anti-Israel slogans, shouting insults to the Jewish community and waving a Palestinian flag, outside of a restaurant in the Westside.

Among the videos showing the attack, we can spot people shouting and using vile language against a group of jews dining at the restaurant.

A man was heard shouting against a group of Jewish men until shortly after, the situation escalated into a physical assault on the group. The crowd started kicking and punching while some others were throwing glass bottles from their vehicles.

One of the victims of the attack explained that he was sitting at the restaurant, eating with a group of friends when the incident happened.

They had bad intentions, they were shouting "Free Palestine" and insulting our religion, reported the man, which prefers to remain anonymous for his safety.

The four attackers, mostly covered in black, started to hit the man that later suffered head trauma and pepper spray burns.

The attackers can be seen using a restaurant fence as a weapon, kicking and punching violently on the harmless crowd.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti described what happened as a violent and premeditated anti-semitic attack. He also expressed his solidarity to the Jew community on Twitter: "Jewish Angelenos, like all residents, should always feel safe in our city".

The LA police received a few tips from a few witnesses, which lead to the identification of the leader of the assault as Pabon, which was taken into custody with no resistance. LAPD is currently investigating to find the other people responsible for the incident.


Tension has been rising among people in the U.S, consequently to the conflict happening between Israel and Palestine. There has been a rise in anti-semitic attacks in the country, counting 193 reports in the week after the battle had started. The episodes of hate and crime have been against people of the Jewish faith, for no other reason than their beliefs.

Although the protests have largely been peaceful, there is a small movement whose goal is to attack the Jewish community.

Finally, on Thursday after almost two weeks of conflict that left 240 dead, Hamas and Israel commonly agreed to a ceasefire.

Unfortunately, despite the proclaimed peace, the attacks have not fully ceased to exist, as on Thursday a Jewish man was attacked with a weapon in New York City. Like New York and Los Angeles, many other cities in the USA have seen the rise of hate and intolerance toward the faith. In Utah and Arizona, synagogues have also been a target, swastika symbols were drawn in a building and in another, a rock was thrown through a window.

The numerous hate crimes have alerted a support and security group to volunteer all around different neighbours in cities like New York and Los Angeles, offering help to people who are walking to synagogues.

Police also stepped up to protect the Jewish citizens in the most populated areas, investigations are ongoing regarding a possible connection between the different attacks happening in the country.

Faith and community leaders called for peace and tolerance in all respect to freedom of religion as a consequence of the hate crimes that took place this year. In the meantime criticism towards President Joe Biden has surged as he's been accused of refusing to condemn the anti-semitic acts happening in the country.

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