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Some Of The Most Authentic Italian Restaurants to Try In New York City

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One of the most loved foods of all times is definitely Italian food and you can find plenty in New York City!

This is in fact the city with the largest population of Italian-Americans in the whole country and the third place with Italian population outside of Italy.

This data makes us understand that Italian culture has permeated the city and we can find this peculiarity in the restaurant industry.

Here are my top 5 best Italian restaurants in New York that are guaranteed to take you back to "nonna's" cuisine.
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Olio e Piú

This restaurant is inspired by the simplicity of Napoli cuisine, which guarantees that you will get good Italian pizza in New York.

The name of this restaurant definitely gives us an idea of what the cooking style of this place can be like. This place has a very simple interior design, but it sure is inviting, even if their food somehow feels more sophisticated than it looks.

We can find different types of pizza as well as pasta, fish and meat dishes. My favourite one is "Grigliata di Pesce" (Mixed Grilled Fish) or a simple wood oven style pizza.

In addition, I have also tried the Burrata (a cheese made from mozzarella and cream) which was truly tasty and has a very delicate flavour.

If you are looking for great pizza to accompany your Italian food experience, this place will not disappoint you at all.
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Piccola Cucina Osteria

Italian food culture is divided by regions, and the southern you go, the better the food! I couldn't help but notice this little Sicilian gem situated in Soho.

As you might guess, Sicilian food heritage is the theme of this restaurant, so expect to find all the typical Sicilian food: arancini filled with ragú sauce and mozzarella, freshly made sauce with authentic Sicilian tomatoes and baked pasta with over 15 different types of meat.

In addition, you can also taste some delicious pasta like ravioli filled with ricotta or cannelloni filled with creamy duck.

The best thing about this place is that it is dog friendly!

So bring your pet to enjoy some great food and a good Italian atmosphere that will surely make you feel at home.
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Pisillo Italian Panini

If you're thinking fast food panini, you cannot compare it to the real Italian panini, this is just a completely different story. A typical spot for a genuine lunch Italian style.

Fresh and fragrant bread, delivered every morning, maintaining Italian tradition, directly from one the finest bakeries in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, is stuffed with the freshest and highest-quality Italian products.

All of their ingredients are authentically imported from Italy, with the signature buffalo mozzarella delivered every week.

This restaurant doesn't use a press nor makes their panini's hot, to preserve the bread's freshness and Italian cold cuts quality.
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San Carlo Osteria Piemonte

Back to the North Of Italy with this Piemonte inspired restaurant, we're moving into a meat-based cuisine as the region suggests.

Born from the passion of six friends from Piemonte, the restaurant offers an original concept overseas.

Expect to taste exquisite beef tartare, risottos and different Italian meat-based recipes to be accompanied with local wine from Italy.

Beef, however, is not the only protagonist of this restaurant, you will also get to try luxurious truffle and Italian mushrooms of different kinds.

The rustic ambience and the authentic and distinctive flavours guarantee a voyage into the land of Piemonte.

Have you ever tried or are you planning to try any of these restaurants?

Let us know in the comment down below, we would love to hear from you!

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