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Washington Post Reporter Weighs in on the likelihood of Statehood for Washington D.C

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As more and more people discuss statehood being granted to Washington, a Washington Post Reporter and DC Resident analyses the probability of Washington becoming the 51st state. Washington is the capital of the United States of America

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According to David Fahrenthold, the D.C reporter, ‘‘The momentum behind it, I think, is kind of at the highwater mark that it’s ever been, which is not nearly high enough to get it passed,”

The bill has just passed the House of Representatives. However, the D.C resident does not believe it is capable of overcoming the filibuster of the Senate. The obvious belief behind this is that statehood to Washington means two more Democratic senators and 1 more Democratic Representative would be added. And of course, the Republicans who make up the senate most likely would not want that.

Many arguments have come up that D.C shouldn’t be a state because it has no farms, or it doesn’t have any factories. The reporter however thinks that the real reason behind it is that ‘nobody wants to add two — or Republicans don’t want to add the likely for Washington D.C to become a state if the U.S only had 49 states. Adding D.C to get the U.S to 50 would seem a much more plausible idea if there were only 49 states. Now, it seems so unnatural because 50 is a round figure even number, and the number really wants to ‘mess with it’ The flag would look a little odd, there’d be a need for some adjustments. It’s not impossible but to many, it just wouldn’t feel right.

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There are however some arguments in favor of the idea asides from the political disposition of statehood.

For instance, Washington D.C is more populated than some states like Wyoming or even Vermont and it’s even bigger than some states. There’s just one representative in Congress who cannot vote and of course, no representative in the Senate meaning that this large number of people has no representation in the legislature, and their voice cannot be heard.

Many think that when the arguments get to the people in Congress, the only thing that’s going to matter is boosting one political party or the other. Of course, there’s a long culture of that in American history which is why there’s North Dakota and South Dakota which brings four Republican senators to the table rather than two.

Based on votes, it’s going to take a very strong Democratic to make this likely to happen.

Do you think Washington should become a state on its own? Or is this just a political play by those in the legislature? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let's have a feel of public opinion.

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