Wildlife in Texas, The One Stop for Sightseeing

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Texas, Located in the south-central region of the United States of America, is the second-largest state both in size and population. Estimated to be the home of over 29 million citizens, the Texans are rich in diversity that cuts across its physical, economic, historical and cultural features. As much as they identify with their cowboy heritage, they are known for their agricultural wealth, oil and gas production and unending lands solely devoted to cattles and ranches.



Wildlife in Texas is nothing short of a beauty. High plains, coastal terrains, rocky mountains, smoky forests, flat river beds, unending grasslands, exotic and almost endangered animals, all these and more are what makes and keeps Texas distinct from every other city in the world at large. Texas has many native animals and boasts of over 540 species of birds with about 142 considered extremely rare.



There are numerous places to see the Wildlife in Texas as it is home to different parks, ranches and wildlife reserves. One of them is the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. A large terrain of groves, wetlands and sands that stretches as far as the salty waters of the Laguna Madre, the Laguna Wildlife is a typical example of what the south should look and feel like. Located close to the Mexican border in Rio Hondo, it is considered "The Last Great Habitat'' as it encompasses beaches, forests and wetlands to produce life for wildlife and sightseeing too. The whooping 98 thousand acre refuge boasts of sights like the Boca Chica State Park which is a sand beach and home to various shorebirds, Bashia Grande; home to fishing, kayaking, wetlands and estuary and even the Adolf Thomae Jr County Park which is specially designed for camping and gardening. Whatever it is your wildlife heart so desires, the Laguna would give it to you to your heart's content.



Also, the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge makes a noteworthy mention for Wildlife centres in Texas. Established 31st December 1937, the refuge boasts 115 thousand acres of wetlands, oak forests and sprawling marshlands. Connecting from the waters of San Antonio Bay, Its site is all known for various birds who enjoy migration; most notably the endangered Whooping Cranes that stop over for freshwater. It is also a good site to spot the endangered Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle and the American Alligator lurking in the swamps. Animals like the Deer, Armadillos and Raccoons also make this place their abode. The Turkeys also make for a good game as hunting is one of the specialities this refuge provides.  Also, Pelicans, Herons, Egrets, Roseate Spoonbills, Ducks, and Geese all enjoy meals such as fishes, blue crabs and clams. It is also home to over 392 species of birds. Notable sights in the Aransas Wildlife Refuge are the Observation tower, the Heron Flats trail and Jones lake. If anything, this park is known for bird watching and its amazing trail sites.



Nothing beats wildlife than having an endless stretch and body of water that gives off bliss and affords beauty, elegance and a wide array of sea animals. The Padre Island National Seashore ticks off this list effortlessly. Known and treasured as one of America's natural gems, the Padre Island Seashore is one of the best wildlife-spotting destinations in Texas. The 130 thousand acre area located on North Padre Island is known for its beach where nature is preserved. The Island offers an abundance of marine and sea life, numerous birds and their endless cacophony. The seashore is a safe protected haven for family trips, picnics and all forms of incredible activities. At the Seashore, you can take a walk and enjoy the scenery on the Grasslands Nature Trail. Just for a quarter of a mile, you get to enjoy plants and animals that roam around the in-lands of the beach. During hikes, you also get to enjoy the view of Coyotes on the sand dunes, kangaroo rats, ghost crabs etc. Also, the sea allows for fishing and as such, you get to catch and view various species of fish. However, to fish, you must have a license to do so. One of the most exciting activities to do on the Seashore is watching baby turtle hatchlings get released to begin their life in the waters. The sea turtles often come to the shores to lay their eggs and they are properly cared for by the conservation experts. Once the eggs reach a state called the "frenzy" where they're active, they're returned to the shore where they search and find their way to the sea.

Whatever your wildlife crave, Texas is the place for you.

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