What They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy

Nya Crea

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Pregnancy is a time on its own and an emotional and physical rollercoaster. When I used to think about it before I actually lived it, I really didn't know that my idea was completely off track.

What I imagined was not even close to reality. Being the foodie that I am, I thought it was a time where I could eat whatever I wanted without worrying about gaining weight WRONG!

I've actually never been on a diet except on my pregnancy, in fact, this is a time where you have to watch what you eat more than ever.

There are so many restrictions on foods and drinks than ever and you have to try and eat as healthy as possible.

Whatsmore, being a very active person I had to make some adjustments in terms of sports and hobbies.

No horse-riding, bike-riding and any other "pregnancy dangerous" sports.

No DIY that involves paints and chemicals.

Pretty much I had to give up a lot, however, what I can say is that these small sacrifices are totally worth it when you see that little creature moving inside of you.

Mood Swings

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I call it the darkest side of pregnancy. I've had crying spells and anger issues since the start of the pregnancy.

My hormones have definitely affected my mood however this is totally normal. Most women experience mood swings during pregnancy, however, if these become severe and you feel depressed or too anxious speak about it with your doctor.

The hubby and I have moved houses and that was the most challenging thing for my pregnancy.

First, because I couldn't help as much as I wanted to and secondly because of the big changes that it meant for us.

During that time, I felt very anxious and frustrated but there are a few things that really helped me get through that moment:

1 - Prayer. Praying was the first thing that I did and that helped me to relax and understand that everything was in God's hands.

2- Talk it through. Don't be afraid to express your feelings, you have every right to do so. Try to speak with an open heart about how you are feeling, this will help you deal with your emotions.

3- Write down what makes you angry and make fun of it.

This tip came from my husband.

My issue at the start is that I would get angry for no reason and be very frustrated, so my hubby made me write a paper, listing each and everything that made me angry, he then, made me print it and stick it to a board, for me to read every morning, as a reminder. After three days of reading that paper, I realised all the ridiculous things I was getting angry at and had a big laugh.

Worries and Problems

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Financial problems, health problems, relationship disagreements are all issues that can be faced during this time.

There will be expenses to think about and health checkups. Sometimes you and your partner will disagree. All of this is normal but before I was pregnant I had no idea how expensive was a pram or baby items.

Budgeting ahead is the perfect solution, so you will ease stress and manage your savings efficiently.

Health checkups can often bring unfortunate surprises but try not to worry, I had a few health issues myself and speaking with other mums I discovered I was not the only one. You will be surprised to find out how many women are going through the same thing and give birth to extremely healthy babies.

Understand your partner

Remember that even if you are the one carrying the baby, it's an emotional time for your partner as well.

Try to understand, be calm and try to compromise.

Most of all, try to enjoy your pregnancy, it's a time of your life that you will only live one or a few times more, it's a beautiful journey of spiritual and physical growth so don't let all the difficulties ruin it. Use it instead as a time to focus on yourself and to strengthen your relationship with your loved ones.

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