10 Pros And Cons Of Living In Italy

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One of the most amazing holiday destination most preferred by many is stunning Italy.

Amazing food, mild weather and great fashion are only some of the great things you can expect from this country.

This is why the hubby and I are planning to relocate one day when it will be possible, but for now, we are still going to enjoy our summer family holidays, pandemic permitting.

Every time we visit, we never want to come back to gloomy London.

I am originally from the city of Milan, famous for its Movida and fashion. I’ve always loved my city but felt the need to travel and live abroad for a while. Travelling has made me learn so much about the different cultures and way of living of each country, which has also opened my mind to see my own country almost as a foreigner, after 10 years of living abroad.

In this article, I would love to give you all of the most honest pros and cons of living in Italy, if you ever decided to visit or even move there one day!

  1. Pro: THE FOOD!!! I have to write this with capital letters, and if you follow my account, you know how passionate I am about food. I don't want to sound too patriotic, but Food in Italy is incomparable. It’s the one thing I’ve missed the most when living abroad. What makes food so special in my country is not the recipe or anyone’s cooking skills but the products. The Mediterranean location grants us the most amazing fish like clams, octopus, mussels, squid and red prawns, just to mention a few which will delight your tastebuds. We also have a huge production of super tasty cheeses, and the fertile terrain grants us great vegetables some of the kind I am never able to find abroad. In general, every time I look at Italian product labels, I usually find more simple ingredients than the ones abroad, which make me always think about the health side as well!

2. Con: High Taxes. Every beautiful thing has a price, and the Italian one is quite high. Taxes go from 23% to 43% depending on your income. The problem is that jobs salaries are not high, which leaves the average citizens with little to themselves at the end of the month. Another problem is politics, and its corruption, so taxation has been a direct consequence of it, for a long time.

3. Pro: You can go to the beach in the summer and Alps in the winter. There are plenty of enjoyments in Italy, no matter the season. The beautiful thing is, that for every region that you visit you will be able to find different traditions, foods and other things to discover. There are plenty of beautiful places that you can see, from lakes to islands, to food tasting trips or camping.

4. Con: The unemployment rate is high. If you are considering moving to Italy, make sure you have a stable income because finding a job, because it could be extremely difficult. Italy ranks third in unemployed population numbers in the European Union, even if the numbers are decreasing. In 2020 it reached 9.9% which however is still substantial.

5. Pro: Low crime rate. Italy ranks the 8th position as the safest country in the European Union. Despite the world’s stigma of the mafia, which has almost been eradicated, I can confirm that living in Italy is pretty safe if you take some precautions.

6. Con: The Bureaucracy is dreading and extremely long. For this reason, my husband and I had to opt for a UK marriage license whilst in the pandemic. Getting married in Italy would have been possible, after going through lots and lots of papers and time, but it was nearly impossible during the pandemic. While Italy asked us for so many certificates, we only needed our passports to get married in the UK. Unfortunately, this is not the only procedure to be extremely difficult. Something as little as trying to change one of your bill’s account holder could take months and still not get done.

7. Pro: Friendly people. Mostly in the south but all throughout Italy you will find some of the nicest good-hearted people you’ll ever meet. I have always noticed the warm personality of Italians, which is the most amazing thing that you can experience in the country. Food is often free, and friends will invite you over for a gourmet meal! You can pretty much be sure that you will never starve in Italy. Either you have a friend or not, even restaurants will feed you a simple thing sometimes if you cannot afford to eat. A real Italian cannot stand to see another human being starve

8. Con: Not so inclusive as other countries. Unfortunately, there is still an old mentality in Italy. Being in an interracial relationship has made me realise that some people are still ignorant and didn't travel the world enough to understand that Italian culture is not the only one in the world.

9. Pro: Healthcare in Italy is ranked as one of the best in the entire world! Yes, you’ve heard it, not only in Europe but in the entire globe! The World Health Organisation has rated Italy only second to France for its great healthcare system, longevity and life expectancy.

10. Con: Lots of people still don’t speak English, so you could find it hard to communicate if you don’t know a word of Italian. My advice is to learn it if you planning on living there, just for your own confidence and independence. However, things are slowly changing since the advent of the internet, and younger generations are starting to be more internationalised.

One Extra Pro for you: The arts and sightseen are breathtaking. If you visit cities like Florence, Rome and Venice, you will immediately notice the beauty in the old artistic and cultural patrimony. The great thing is that all of these cities are not too far from each other and easily accessible by train. We have a fast train that will take you from one city to the other in a few hours only.

I hope that my article encouraged you to visit this beautiful country and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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