How To Make The Most Of Christmas 2020 Even In Lockdown

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Let's face it, this year we have not been looking forward to Christmas as much as in the past years, but let me say one thing, it is not too late to make this holiday a special and memorable one.

Everyone says to focus on the positive and let go of the negative, but I say that a thankful spirit is worth more than 1000 words, because let's be honest, it has been a challenging time for everybody.

So this year, I started to practice thankfulness instead of complaining and looking at what I am missing, and oh well, it made a huge difference mentally and physically, and it showed! Others started to notice the changes in me and wondered what it was, but it's no secret, just thankfulness, and gratefulness for life, and trust me, this little tip will change your life too.

I am accepting the fact that these Holidays will be away from home and from my family, so I just realized that instead of complaining it would have been better to try and make the most of them!

Ok, I see you, sipping your cup of coffee and thinking that it's all nice words and all, but, on the practical side, you still find it hard to have to spend your holidays away from your family and friends. You had to make substantial changes to your usual traditions and you had to give up the holiday trip that always helped you get into the real Christmas spirit.

We heard a lot of "YOU CANNOT DO this and YOU CANNOT DO that this past year, so I want to give you some tips about all the things you finally CAN DO, on this Christmas in lockdown!

  1. Family In Lockdown

You have to entertain the kids and there are no other kids that they can play with...

Actually, there are... ONLINE! opt for one player games like the new PS5 console your kid/s will still be able to play with their friends virtually (with PS plus) and leave you alone for a while. If you get yourself a new 4k TV here's your holiday budget well spent and it's a win-win.

You want to create a "more Christmassy vibe?"

The pockets are tighter this year and you just want the whole family to interact together, plus you don't like the idea of your child ignoring you playing games online all night long.

Problem solved!

We are going back to the '90s and playing some good 'Ol Board Games!!!

I don't like Jenga, said NO ONE!

The version I want to propose to you it's even better!

Giant Jenga it sells on Amazon for 118.50$ and fun guaranteed!

When you get tired, you can all sit down and play something else, but I don't want to give you the usual board games, instead, I'll give you some game you probably have never played! Double Ditto

You pick a card with a random question and everyone has 15 seconds to write down 2 answers that come to mind!

My next game for the more audacious ones it's called Beat That!

A dynamic and exciting game for all ages!

And for the little ones?

What about a classic game of cards similar to UNO: SkipBo Junior

2. Friends In Lockdown:

You are so lucky that you get to spend your Christmas with your best friends, but you usually used to go out and celebrate at your favorite local restaurant and now you're forced to stay in and none of you can cook.

Check out this article by Finedining Lovers, a great guide where you can find the most popular Christmas dinner deliveries in your country!

Wait a minute... what about the alcohol???

If you haven't purchased a Costco subscription yet, it's about time! In the UK Everyone can get an online subscription for about 5£, I know, it's 60$ for the USA, but it's worth buying in bulk and save the p, and it will last you the whole year!

What about after dinner?

I got the perfect dorm game: Smart Ass a fast pace and fun trivia game! Fun guaranteed and will keep your friends entertained!

Pubs are closed? No prob, you can make your own pub in the living room!

Get a Beer Pong Table and who needs to go out anymore?

You might want to purchase additional beer pong balls and cups because they don't come with it.

3. Couples

You can start your perfect Christmas by cooking or baking together, I think it's very romantic and a great way to bond, I love it when my husband is in the kitchen with me.

It is only the two of you, so why not make this day very special, buy some new wine that you always wanted to try, light up some candles and decorate the living room with Christmas themed props.

Surprise him or her with some new sheets and rose petals on the bed and if you want to go the extra mile, a romantic light projector to give the room a special feel, get her some new lingerie to spice up the night!

Since board games are the protagonist of my article today, why not try a game made especially for couples like Talk, Flirt, Dare it will help you to break the ice or to know each other better, however, the questions are quite well–thought so, this game is for you even if you've been together for a long time!

And what about...

..If you are alone on Christmas?

Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you...

Along with all the things that you can do online why not take a break from it all and dedicate the day to yourself?! You don't constantly need to be with others to be happy because happiness comes from within, so why don't you relax and take a break from everything?

Before Christmas buy yourself a new robe, a new pajama, face masks, hair masks, feet masks, actually anything pamperos that you can find at your favorite store, grab a glass of wine, and relax.

You could gift yourself a Christmas themed box from Lush, put on your favorite music, and indulge in a super relaxing bubble bath.

Another idea could be to do something you haven't done for a long time, or why not, pick up a new hobby! Candle making, soap making, knitting or embroidery, I found all sorts of starting kits on

Despite what's going on, I hope that these ideas will help you to enjoy this special time of the year with a smile on your face and always remembering how fortunate you were to spend it with your family, your friends, your partner or to have finally picked up that hobby that you always wanted to try...


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