South Carolina Just Had Two Mass Shootings In 24 Hours


There have already been 30 Mass Shootings in the US this April
Mike Kalasnik from Charlotte, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, WikiCommons

Visitors to South Carolina's Columbiana Centre Mall found themselves in a state of panic this past Saturday as a mass shooting occurred inside the shopping center ; at least 14 were injured. The following morning, another mass shooting occurred at at rural South Carolina bar, injuring nine more victims.

Police were able to take three persons of interest into custody in regards to the mall shooting, all of whom were caught on site. While it may not quell all panic around the harrowing situation, it is believed that the shooting was not intended as a planned attack at all. Instead, Police are under the impression that some sort of disturbance occurred between the three persons of interest, but many details remain unknown about the incident.

Police were first notified when a report of gunfire was called in around 2pm. Shots rang out, resulting in several mall patrons being wounded, and a rush to escape created a stampede that also caused injuries. No fatalities have occurred, but twelve victims between ages 15 and 73 years old were initially hospitalized.

As police cleared the area, employees and mall visitors were asked to shelter-in-place in stores and in their cars. The police response was reportedly swift and thorough, and even hours later, a major presence of local law enforcement was noted.

Mall employee, Raquel Eaddy, shared her experience with NewsNation. At the first sign of gunfire, she barricaded in the back of her store with her coworkers and several customers. For about half an hour the group of 13+ people waited anxiously, not knowing anything other than the there were gunshots that sounded like they were close by.

"It's one of the most traumatizing things ever. It was just one of those things that you see, but you never want to experience it," Eaddy stated of the experience.

Those visiting Cara's Lounge this morning did not have as many options for where to hide, but thankfully there were no fatalities in either shooting. Meanwhile, Police continue to put the pieces together.

With the three shootings that occured this Easter weekend (including these two in South Carolina and one in Pittsburgh with two fatalities), there have been a total of 30 mass shootings in the United States since April 1.

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