Shanghai Residents Left Starving Due To Extreme Zero-Covid Policy


Inconsistent Food Rations Have Left Many Shanghai Citizens Starving
中国新闻网, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

In an effort to bring Covid cases down to zero and eradicate the virus, Shanghai residents (and those in neighboring cities) have been subjected to stringent lockdown policies and procedures. But how is this currently panning out for them?

A video from Weibo (China's version of Twitter) captured Shanghai residents crying out in anguish and making claims of starvation. While the video was ultimately removed from the social media platform, parts of it can be seen in the following Wall Street Journal report on the situation.

In addition to the stress that Shanghai's Zero-Covid policy has put on residents. the current numbers do not indicate success. Not only are Covid cases at an all-time high, but millions are suffering physically, mentally, and emotionally due to the strict lockdown rules.

Meanwhile. recent video has captured residents trying to appeal to local police that they're starving. While local government officials have weighed in about their continued efforts, many have been left in limbo with empty cupboards and severe anxiety.

In light of strict lockdown protocols, many residents have been unable to grocery shop for several weeks. While those who have been confined to their homes have received rations from the government, the experience of just how much food is provided has varied greatly.

While some have stated that government rations of food have been plentiful, others have documented their near-starvation.

One family of two documented a photo of the rations they received; a few carrots, some lettuce, and some protein. Within four days, the modest rations were gone and they did not receive more food for another two weeks. In an effort to feed themselves and their families, residents have gotten creative.

Some have taken to bartering; one large building put in a grocery order together and then divided it up to ensure they would all be taken care of. Amidst the stress, the community spirit remains high and residents have taken to standing on their balconies and shouting well-wishes to one another, encouraging their neighbors to remember that this is a temporary situation.

In spite of so many feeling dissatisfied with Shanghai's strict lockdown rules, the government seems set in their ways, citing their plan as "scientific."

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