Man Runs Over A Woman With His Car For Taking Photos Of Their Fender Bender

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Is it time to talk about mental health yet? Road rage happens every day, but for some reason it's easy for people to write it off as a part of life. But is a bit of road rage normal and just a small hassle, or is it a red flag?

How can we tell the difference?

A driver whose road rage was not satisfied by giving the finger or honking his horn is being charged with attempted murder, among other things.

When 56-year-old Vincent Jean saw a 23-year-old woman get out of her vehicle to grab a few photos of the fender bender he was trying to run out on, he couldn't take it. He chased her down with his car, running her over not once, but multiple times as she ran for her life.

The whole incident was captured on a neighbor's security camera and it's absolutely surreal.

According to the prosecutor's office in Union County, a 23-year-old woman was left in critical condition after the accident and thankfully, her condition has already improved.

Meanwhile, what's to prevent something like this from happening again and how can drivers stay safe? Well, considering the victim was run over up on the sidewalk, it may be necessary to go beyond basic safety requirements.

But for starters, be vigilant. Don't take for granted that you're dealing with reasonable people who are going to pull over and apologize for hitting your car.

Thanks to technology giving a very clear picture of Jean's behavior, perhaps there will be one less dangerous person on the road.

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