Best Local Pizza in Vegas

If you know me even a little, you will know Pizza is my favorite food in the world. Let me show you 4 different pizza spots that are off the Las Vegas Strip that are so worth visiting. Unlike the East Coast or New York, Las Vegas is filled with many chain pizza restaurants and not as many Mom n' Pop spots. But most of those Mom n' Pop Pizza places in Las Vegas are amazing. Even though this video only shows 4 locations, there are so many more amazing pizza joints though out the city. To be fair in this review, I made sure every pizza was just a cheese pizza, no other toppings to change the flavor, except for one but you have to watch the video... I'll give you a hint, it comes from bees. But there were different styles of pizza that I chose from. The only one I didn't choose from was the Chicago Style pizza, but maybe in the next pizza video! Below are the locations I went to, but watch the video to see who made it to number 1. - Good Pie - Monzu -Pizza Rock -Settebello

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