Assorted Fragrances to Enhance the Mood

Noorain Hassan
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All of us love using fragrances. Some of us love the fragrance of vanilla, coconut, fruits, and even seasons.

I have an entire bottle of fragrance oil inside my closet. But one thing is different for everyone: I distinguish fragrance from my moods.

Meaning that I use different fragrances every day and not a single one. Most days, I stick with vanilla and rosewood. Sometimes, I switch it with fruit fragrant or coffee fragrant.

I have followed this simple trick for over 5 years.

It's because we should always associate colors and fragrances with how we feel. If we feel happy, we can opt for bright colors, but we can switch to neutral colors if we feel sad. Similarly, if we feel happy, we can go with desired happy fragrances such as fragrant fruits.

When I'm sad, I usually go with sad or dark. Fragrances such as coffee or sea breeze.

Why is that?

I once read in a book that these things help people to understand you better. If you're feeling sad, they'll quickly know.

Wherever you're in an office or going to tuition, everybody can easily know how you feel. This way, people can reach you appropriately and in the right manner.

This will also help you know about your moods, likes, and dislikes.

Since I started using this trick, I have often advised my friends to follow it. It makes it easier for me to know about their moods without asking them.

Also, using different fragrances every day helps to enhance our mood and continuously gives us a fresh feeling.

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