Master Playing Instruments Without a Private Coach

Noorain Hassan
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We all are artists in our worlds. Most people love to paint, sketch and write to pass their time. However, some people love to dance and sing along the rhythm of the music.

Such people are dancers and singers.

I love spending my vacations and weekends learning how guitar and piano work. Music tools are very costly, so hiring a tutor to learn how the instruments work adds to the cost.

When I recently bought a piano and guitar set from my cousin, my friend advised me to learn these instruments from YouTube. This way, they can learn at any time and don't have to pay a tutor. For several weeks, I'm practicing these instruments while learning from YouTube. It's hard as I don't have a physical tutor, but I like to learn this way. It's new for me.

As I learn both the instruments, it's slightly hard to keep pace and remember how each instrument work. It's a challenge for me to learn the musical instruments differently, but I like it.

This way, I get to learn instruments altogether.

I like how musical instruments have changed my perception of life and knowledge. Now, whenever I listen to music, I know the bass, rhythm, and the work behind each tune. I know the hard work of artists who did their best to make a lyric sound at its best.

It always reminds me of how vast this world is. There's always a never-ending and deep tunnel of knowledge that makes us intellectual. Learning music is just a dot of this deep tunnel. There's always more to explore.

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