Flowers in My Garden’s Fountain

Noorain Hassan
Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

I always love the sweet fragrances of natural flowers. No one can take the place of the sightseeing view of plucked flowers when combined with water.

As soon as I see the combination of flowers in the water, I miss the fish and the leaves. But because of the cold season, it’s impossible to buy my favorite ones, such as goldfish.

I miss having a fountain where I would feed my fish. I sat on the edge of the table, seeing the fish for hours and feeling weight lifting off my shoulders. I loved what water made me feel, whether with flowers or fish.

As the winter is upon us and my mind is missing the sightseeing view, I decided to decorate my garden’s fountain and add the overgrown flowers.

I took some lively pictures and sent them to my friends and family. I often send these pictures to people and wish them good morning.

It’s because I believe that if you tend to wish someone good night or good morning, you should send it with your photo rather than sending a standard image.

It shows clearly when you miss someone and put your maximum effort into getting them. In this way, you make them realize that they’re part of your lives.

I got this inspiration from my friend, a photographer who captures still-life moments. The pictures that are her’s favorite, she often gets it printed into her postcard and mail it to the family in Sweden. She made a ritual to send postcards on Christmas to remind her family she thinks of them.

We can also follow the same practice to remind our loved ones that we’re thinking of them.

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