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A Lovely Child and a Lesson

Noorain Hassan
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Walking on a cold evening, I saw a small kid lying on the side of the bench. The bench was situated in the Riverdale park near east Toronto.

Chills started running down my spine. I reached the child in a matter of minutes. I asked if she needed some food.

She instantly agrees. I hopped on my feet and went to the nearby popcorn shop, took 2 buckets with me, and headed to the bench from where I came.

The child was almost sitting in the same position, head tiled above and hands crossing her knees. I offered her the popcorn and asked her about herself.

She started saying about the tense situation she was facing at school and back home. I agreed to call the police and help her.

I reached for my phone, dialled the number, and instantly requested them to reach the park.

Just when the police arrived, I noticed something different. I noticed the kid's reaction, who was a little bit at ease. But, it was a different kind of ease. Like she knew the police, personally.

I got shaken up with the thought that this could be a trap.

I confronted the police and child in front of everyone. Just then, I came to know that the child was there with a motive.

The police and forces planned action with the child to see if anyone could help. Like this was all part of a publicity stunt I felt for.

But nothing terrible happened. I was a genuine lady to my word and showed the popcorn I bought for the young child. They immediately congratulated me as I had passed some campaign tests.

I felt good. It relieved me.

The lesson I learned was that you should not help everyone in need. Since that day, I'm always cautious in helping everyone because not all situations can be the way we want.

Thank you for reading my story.

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