Does the Moon and Earth We Share Make Us One?

Noorain Hassan

Sharing constellations doesn't make us one, but something does
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We call ourselves humans because we share the same earth. Luckily or unlucky, we are bound to live on one platform and are the right of this earth that we were born into.

The rights we have when we are born don't clarify what is ours and what is not. All our lives, we seem to diminish and fight for our rights that make us no different from invaders.

The thing is that nobody has any right or sovereignty. Be it a human or a thing. A pencil or a piece of paper.

Earth is given to us to realize every moment that nothing is yours truly. thing else.

So what's unique?

You might have heard of the term “Unique” but it's never unique that makes you stand out. It's your capabilities, success measure, and ideology that makes you stand out. These things always stick with you no matter what.

So, never let yourself down. You are who you are. Everyone is made up of the same blood, vessels, and veins but all of us, our stories are not alike.

Bottom line:

Humanity is a term we often hear or read, but people don't consider this word worthy enough says Ted talks. It is because people like us often misunderstood the literal meaning behind it.

A good rule of thumb is to stay humble to everyone and be nice. You never know if you'll need anyone. Unluckily, we always learn in our hard times, but sometimes, we can prevent our bad times by thinking of everything beforehand.

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