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Have you ever looked at somebody and caught yourself saying, “He is incredibly fortunate? What a great job he has!

If you have ever known somebody who appears to be blessed with good fortune consistently, you should know that luck is something you can draw to yourself. But ever considered what makes some luckier than others?

In a new study, Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire ran a series of experiments he called “Luck School” and taught unlucky people how to act more as lucky people do. The result?

In total, 80 percent of people who attended Luck School said that their luck had increased. On average, these people estimated that their luck had increased by more than 40 percent.

See, good luck exists! If you have ever known somebody who appears to be blessed with good fortune consistently, you should know that luck is something you can draw to yourself.

It is something I have done as well. And as I entertained this thought, I found myself in a miserable state.

But as my career and life progressed, and I met many people. I came to this profound realization that so many successful people I knew — from happily married couples to successful career women to multimillionaires they all are “lucky” because they think differently and behave differently.

So let's discuss 8 ways to attract good luck in our lives:

1. Personal development for good luck

Do you want to make money, make a profit, become wealthy, and one day become a millionaire?

Concentrate on personal development and growth. When you know what to focus on, self-improvement is easy.

How to improve?

Learn how to develop successful people’s habits.

  • Read about what you want to improve. For example, for financial literacy, I would recommend you to read “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” A book by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter.
  • Find a mentor. Mentoring encourages individuals to maximize their potential and to enhance their skills to become the individual they want.
  • Set SMART goals since a goal can make your mind clear about what you have right now and where you desire to be.

Keep in mind that the only path that is worth taking is the one within. Therefore, aim not to be successful, but rather to be valuable.

2. Stop Complaining

Do you find yourself whining and blaming others for your current situation?

For example:

  • I am like this because of my parents; I am like this because nobody loves me.

In my view, luck is not God-gifted. However, people who exhibit these qualities are more likely to attract numerous advantages.

You are programming your subconscious mind to believe that others can control your life and that you do not have the power to bring positive changes into your life. So, you are making yourself feel powerless.

Just realize for once that when you blame others, you are giving your power away to them. Take your strength back.

How to improve?

You will increase your luck factor by changing your habits. In life, luck will naturally pursue you if you act as means of responding.

Take your power in your hand by believing that you are the master orchestrator of your life and that you have the right to change your life for the better and reach your highest goals. Others (or the external) never matter.

3. Flowers to attract good luck

Natural flowers or plants in the house are excellent for purifying the environment and improving your mood!

Here we have some plants that bring good luck.

  • The lucky bamboo plant: It represents happiness, strength, permanence, and good health. This bloom is said to bring good fortune and peace into the home all year, making it a common choice for those who want to send good luck messages.
  • Four leaves clover: This plant is supposed to have mystical powers representing faith, hope, love, and luck.
  • Money tree: The money Tree is believed to bring money and to attract good luck. In addition, this plant works as an air purifier that will create tranquillity and peace in your home.

How to improve?

Flowers will bring life to any room, be it a living room or a bathroom. Flowers can liven up your spirit. Try Please.

Flowers always make people better and happier, as they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the mind. — Luther Burbank

4. Stop worrying & be optimistic

I am always worried. It is not a good habit.

Based on my experiences, worrying has no value. So instead of worrying, take physical action. Have a positive outlook to attract money. Right? One must be generally optimistic about life and business.

Look at negative events as events that help us grow stronger. Our perception of these events changes. Learn from these events and use what we have learned to grow from within. In this way, any situation that seems opposite is no longer as negative.

— In a new study, researchers find that how Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy, and Sane:

Magical thinking is also important for letting loose and having a good time. Brugger finds a positive correlation between magical ideation and the ability to find pleasure in life. More magic, more fun. (As long as reality stays within arm’s reach.) “Those students who are not magical are not typically those who enjoy going to parties,” he says. “To be totally unmagic is very unhealthy.”

How to improve?

Look at the bright side of things. Do not dwell on the negative. Instead, practice positive self-talk when it comes to money.

By having a positive outlook, you will attract better people to associate with. Those better people will help you on your journey to wealth and good fortune.

  • See setbacks as temporary and try to find opportunities in negative situations
  • Practice positive affirmations
  • Remind yourself of your blessings and be thankful to God for what you already have

5. Do better, and better will come your way

Be humble!

One day I was going to visit my friend’s place. The moment I walked downstairs, I saw a blind woman trying to cross the road. I rushed to help her out—the same day on my way back home. I lost my purse. It had my identity card, cash, etc. I was worried, obviously. I tried to find it for about 30 mins everywhere in the street but all in vain. I was praying and sitting on the footpath. A young boy came to me and said, “Is that yours?” I looked up, and I was so surprised that it was mine OMG.

I said, “Man, where did you get it? He said nothing and just left. That day I realized that if you do better, better will come your way.

How to improve?

There are lots of volunteering opportunities out there. Start working for an NGO. I believe this is the simplest way to attract good luck for you as well.

In an organizational setting, employers can use this strategy to grow their business. In addition, when businesses help the community, people take note and want to support the organization in return.

Here are a few points:

  • Let your employees be aware of how important they are to you. Show how their work has a direct effect on your business
  • Plan non-work-related team-building events
  • Send a thank-you email

6. Networking

If you are a student or working professional, networking is a must to attract good luck in your life. Take notes.

You never know who could become your customer in the future. I also believe that if you send out positive energy, you will receive it too. Employee relations are also critical to a successful company. Happy employees perform outstanding work, which leads to increased profits. I call it strategy, not luck.

How to improve?

Try to improve your networking skills by practicing communication habits. Ask your friends for constructive feedback. This trick will help you out.

It is also critical to meet people everywhere you go and keep them in your circle as you build your brand. Your business will grow as your network expands. There is no stopping you from achieving success when your network is full of people who have your best intentions at heart.

Through interaction, you will keep an eye on the job market, stay up to date on emerging trends, and meet potential employers, collaborators, and mentors.

7. Visualization will help you strengthen your destiny

Visualize yourself as a lucky charm.

Visualization is a practice in which you imagine yourself achieving a goal. This imagination helps you in planning the steps necessary to acquire that goal in real life.

Think of a situation and visualize a positive outcome you will attain. Then, just think of yourself attracting all the right things and finding the right opportunities as well.

How to improve?

Think about winning an award, imagine yourself winning it, and use that mental picture to impact your luck.

You can try this method to have good luck in many areas of your life, like getting a desirable job or finding a romantic life partner.

8. Affirmations for good luck

Affirmations are a way of laying the groundwork for success in your subconscious mind.

You may use an affirmation like “I always have great luck” or something similar that fits your needs. Keep it short, quick, and easy to remember. Write in the present tense, in the “Here and now.

According to a new study: The Courage Quotient: How Science Can Make You Braver, researchers pointed out:

By activating good luck beliefs, these objects were consistently able to boost people’s self-confidence and that this up-tick in self-assurance in turn affected a wide range of performance. Lucky thinking, it turned out in this study, positively affected people’s ability to solve puzzles and to remember the pictures depicted on thirty-six different cards, and it improved their putting performance in golf! In fact, people with a lucky charm performed significantly better than did the people who had none.

How to improve?

Some good affirmations that I say every morning to improve my luck are, e.g., “I am perfect in every way, I am self-validated.” “I do not need external validation, I believe in my skills and capability.”

They allow you to think more positively and prepare for success.

Repeat this affirmation first thing in the morning, sometimes before getting out of bed, bathing or showering, or whenever your mind is not on a particular mission.

Final thoughts

It is all about being an optimistic magnet to draw good fortune.

The best way to align with life is to avoid being negative to forget any thoughts of lack or frustration that the mind may generate. Instead, accept that whatever is going on is perfect just the way it is because life is still heading in the direction of your happiness.

Consider appreciating what you have. Relax and let go of your need to control reality, and allow life to shower you with the gifts you so richly deserve.

In his book Luck Factor, Richard wrote: “Lucky people create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives.”



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