A Letter to My Fearless Being

Noorain Hassan

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I know it's been hard. Changing from a jolly person to someone who judges the other person by looking them in the eye. I know it hurts.

Sometimes, when you know more, it increases your chances to get upset quickly. But believe me, the world dies to get mature, and you, you got it for free from cruel people, problems, and infinite struggles.

You should be proud. Because often people who cry in bathroom showers knowing how to hide their pain, are the ones that are written in golden books.

But then, nobody will ever know!

  • Nobody is ever going to remember you because you struggled.
  • People will remember you because you did something for your struggles.

That woman, that Kosem is your strength. How she unshelved her life and set on a shore that she guided, and it never betrayed her. That Mary Stuart who held strong as a Scott, and there will be a Noorain, that people will know.

The one that time couldn’t defeat. Was forced to change her name twice. Is only 19. Her family and biological parents left her. She can’t visit her hometown ever.

If this is life, and if this is going to make me strong, then I’m ready to face more. Send it my way!

I am ready to break the chain of life so that nobody no longer faces the kind of story I have. To this day and forever, I'm breaking the chain of losing, forever.

Medium is my family. The people here are just like me. We writers don’t come into this industry empty-handed.

We always have a secret that thrives us to write.

For that reason: this is a letter that I’ve written to myself. I want myself to know that I’ve declared myself a “not losing any time soon” person.


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Noorain Hassan is a 19-year-old writer and a content creator. She started writing when she was only 16 and continually wishes to grow.

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