$3 Emergency Stove/Heater | Viral Hack

A quick, efficient, and safe way to cook food, boil water, or stay warm when you are left with no electricity or a traditional stove. While a campfire is a great option when you are able, this is a cheap, easy and safe alternative to keep available in an emergency situation or just for fun. There was a recent situation on I-95 stranding dozens of motorist in their vehicles overnight during a winter storm. This is an option of something that you can keep in your vehicle that is low cost and much safer than some of the other alternatives that use other fuel sources. We are Brittany and Jay and we travel full time in our RV bringing to Newsbreak content from around the country. Follow us here for travel tips, reviews on tourist locations, and unique dining, or just to see where we end up next.

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We are Jay and Brittany, and we travel full time in our RV bringing to newsbreak the best content from around the country. Everything from beautiful places in nature, to the top tourist locations, unique dining, and just our general adventure as we travel this beautiful country we call home. One of our biggest passions is animals whether it's macro shots of bugs out in nature, wild animals, or our own pets. We travel with our two dogs, a cat, hamsters, and rats all in our large motorhome. We love to get out and explore, and to share our adventurous life here on Newsbreak.

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